A close-up of the magnificent Jægerspris Castle

People who have been to Denmark often want to go back and those already there are unwilling to leave since there is something juicy about the country. Of course just like any place in this world, Denmark has its share of setbacks but one thing that can’t be taken away from it is the beauty … Read more

An offshore experience at Helligdomsklipperne

Denmark never stops to amaze and surprise first timers as well as long residents alike with its breath-taking attractions. From the Capital region in Copenhagen to deep inside Jutland peninsula, there is always something to take you aback in nature, great premises, culture, holidaying spaces, hospitality services and more. Helligdomsklipperne comes out as among the … Read more

What is in store for guests visiting Borre Knob, Juelsminde

Those who understand the beauty and flair of travelling to a new destination will agree that there is never any feeling to compare with it. When travelling, we learn a lot, get to test our perceptions and satisfy curiosity. Denmark is one Scandinavian country where avid travellers can never miss to find fresh and satisfying … Read more

Exciting Summer experience at Hvidbjerg camping

If you wish to have your holiday right by the North Sea, Hvidbjerg Camping covers you. You will have a beautiful view of different large river systems feeding the North Sea from around Europe, including the Rhine Rivers, Thames, and the Elbe. Nothing can be said about holidays and camping without mentioning Hvidbjerg camping.  While … Read more

A Close Look into the Feggesund Kro

In a wide and remote area, lies an island separating mainland Denmark by the picturesque Limfjord. It will be so interesting to tour through this part of Denmark and witness the degree of remoteness in this place. Just a few hours from the capital Copenhagen , you are yet to arrive in the wild but … Read more

Landmark Vibenshus Runddel in Copenhagen in Copenhagen

If you haven’t really had time to travel to other parts of Denmark, Copenhagen may easily dominate your mind as being the whole country. In fact, most visitors never have so much time to traverse Funen and Jutland which also hosts a significant population of Denmark as well as great historical and contemporary attractions. But … Read more

Karens Minde Kulturhus-the place to get an enchanting experience

Culture and tradition can be considered the real glue that keeps Denmark together in harmony. If you have ever been to Denmark, Danish people practise culture so religiously that every generation picks it almost unadulterated and passes it on to the next. The stewardship of Danish culture from way back to date is something to … Read more

Zoo Odense; An epic experience with spectacular animals

From wildlife diaries in Nat Geo to game safaris, there is never an experience comparable to seeing wild animals just minding their business. You’ll agree with me that nature is so rich and satisfying. The experience gets even better if you get a chance to see some of the big five animals at a close … Read more

Comwell Holte; an exquisite place for exotic Restaurant experience in Copenhagen

Copenhagen comes out as the heartbeat of Denmark, all for reasons we may understand. It is here that you come to find some of the greatest attractions of our time including the Tivoli Gardens, great infrastructure, splendid and fast paced city dwelling life and more. Over and above what is already known about Copenhagen, someone … Read more