Common ways that people abroad can use to move to Denmark

Each day, people in Denmark receive questions from friends, relatives and other interested people on what exactly to do to get the coveted Schengen visa. In the minds of most of these people there is always a thinking that getting a residence permit or visa for Denmark can’t be anything less than a daunting challenge. … Read more

Fuelling your car at gas stations in Denmark

For anyone planning to move to or just visit Denmark, one thing that stands out prominently in the mind is how to move around once arrived. Outright, this should not be much worrisome because Denmark is known for its efficient and reliable public transport systems. However, when it comes to the question of convenient travel … Read more

Renting and owning holiday caravans in Denmark

Denmark is an exciting country, especially during the warmer season of Summer, part of Autumn and partly Spring. It is during these seasons that Danes and expats alike come out in their numbers to chill. The waterfronts, summer vacation sites, beaches, and attractions get the most visitors in Summer. With the lucrative holiday allowance in … Read more