The legendary Bjarke Ingels; Brain behind Bjarke Ingels Group

Architecture and design stand tall among the societal elements whose value remain truly timeless. You see, architecture is a continuous concept that is increasingly changing as new designs come up overnight. Architects play some of the biggest roles when it comes to the built environment. Making it in this sector requires a bit more than … Read more

Getting to know and understand Selina Juul

Selina Juul is a Russian-Denmark activist, graphic designer and author.  Her work concerns raising awareness on food waste. While some have criticized her for forceful advocacy for sustainability in food consumption, her passion is very understandable. She has put in a lot of effort to stop food waste in Denmark and other countries. While Selina … Read more

A Close Look into the Feggesund Kro

In a wide and remote area, lies an island separating mainland Denmark by the picturesque Limfjord. It will be so interesting to tour through this part of Denmark and witness the degree of remoteness in this place. Just a few hours from the capital Copenhagen , you are yet to arrive in the wild but … Read more

Catch a Glimpse of Råadhuskroen Ringsted Restaurant

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Landmark Vibenshus Runddel in Copenhagen in Copenhagen

If you haven’t really had time to travel to other parts of Denmark, Copenhagen may easily dominate your mind as being the whole country. In fact, most visitors never have so much time to traverse Funen and Jutland which also hosts a significant population of Denmark as well as great historical and contemporary attractions. But … Read more

Best of experiences at Skjalm Hvide Hotel

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An Exotic check in at and experience of Marriott Hotel, Copenhagen

For a destination to count well in the list of amazing places to be, hospitality plays a great part. After a stroll and making rounds within the busy streets of Copenhagen, visits to various malls and shopping points, it becomes important that one retreats to a hotel room where best tastes of wine and professionally … Read more