Waterparks in Denmark for water lovers

If there is one thing that Denmark is popular for then it’s its waterfronts. Somehow, Denmark had a way of constructing cities facing waterfronts; be it rivers, inland reservoirs or the seas, the country has so many great places of this nature. But aside from these naturally existing waterfronts, there are also waterparks which offer … Read more

Restaurant Lola; Your plug Eatery and refreshment place in Copenhagen

Generally Denmark and specifically Copenhagen is a destination that always leaves visitors awed. There is just so much to do and a lot of exciting sites to visit that a short stay may not be enough. Believe you me, visitors to Copenhagen may rush to the Tivoli Gardens, come back to the Little Mermaid, before … Read more

Up-close and Candid about Benniksgaard Hotel

Well-travelled people will confess that  particular things at a destination always stick in memory for a long time. If it is not culture, natural attractions and beautiful sceneries then its the services received. To sign off such talks, an avid  traveller will have a thing or two to say about the hospitality. Now, this nature … Read more