Restaurant Lola; Your plug Eatery and refreshment place in Copenhagen

Generally Denmark and specifically Copenhagen is a destination that always leaves visitors awed. There is just so much to do and a lot of exciting sites to visit that a short stay may not be enough. Believe you me, visitors to Copenhagen may rush to the Tivoli Gardens, come back to the Little Mermaid, before proceeding all the way to Christiansborg Palace. The full list is long but a proper guide can be found here

If anything, the hustle and bustle of Copenhagen can well betray what Danish are known for as being laid back. There, so much seems to be happening and people are on the move in troves. The above mentioned attractions offer sights to behold that would likely stick in the memory of visitors for quite a long time. But, did you know that aside from food for the eyes, Copenhagen also does well in food for the stomach? After all it’s said that “The Way to a Man’s Heart is Through His Stomach.” To fulfil this saying in Copenhagen, Restaurant Lola could just be a match and plug for it. 

Restaurant Lola is a true manifestation of the diversity in Denmark when it comes to cuisine. Remember, there is also space for relaxation and just chilling out over a glass of whatever drink that you wish to imbibe. Restaurant Lola that serves contemporary and South American cuisine. It is located in Copenhagen’s chic neighbourhood of Christianshavn in an old mill. Even if you are traveling on a budget, the atmosphere and prices charged at this restaurant will still accommodate you perfectly. 

Restaurant Lola Overview 

The popularity of Restaurant Lola has been thanks to the accolades won by its owner, Kamilla Seidler. She is a former Latin America’s Best Female Chef and Lola is her first place. The renovated mill where it’s located can be traced back to 1669 which gives it a reasonable touch of history well blended with the contemporary. So if for nothing else, the history of the restaurant makes it worth visiting. 

Seidler’s restaurant serves meals prepared by a team with extensive multi-cultural culinary experience. This reflects the rich culture that is characteristic of Denmark’s capital. The ingredients are locally sourced and organic. However, the same cannot be said for the globally inspired food that the ingredients are used for. 

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Seidler brought her former sous chef from Bolivia, a chef from India, and a French chef on board. This further reflects the cultural diversity of the restaurant. One example of the innovative dishes prepared at the restaurant is the world-crossing Pupusa and Kimchi. It is an El Salvador-inspired cornmeal flatbread filled with refried beans and topped with kimchi and horseradish sour cream.

You will be pleased to know that the restaurant has a job inclusion and training project known as Lola Impact. It focuses on the less fortunate people in society by getting them involved in culinary courses. The courses train them on various cooking techniques while also teaching them life skills. 

Restaurant Lola Menu 

Restaurant Lola’s menu is inspired by Latin American, Indian, and Southeast Asian cuisines and flavours. They serve both contemporary and South American cuisines so you can expect a variety when you visit. The menu is relatively small though but surprisingly has a lot to offer. 

So, even if you’re in the mood for tacos, ceviche, spicy green curry, or butter naan, you’ll find it here. The meals are simple but delicious and are made from organic ingredients and inspired by the cuisines of different regions of the world. It also includes a good selection of delicious wine and other drinks such as lemonade. Other spirits are also available so you can order any to complement your meal 

Customers can happily start their dining experience  at Lola by ordering some delectable starters. You can then order a hearty main course from the wide selection based on your preference. Luckily, they also have a variety of vegetarian options so everyone is covered. Finally, you can complete your meal by ordering delicious desserts like baba au mezcal, lolas is-sandwich and posset.

The menu also includes other dishes like Ecuadorian-inspired ceviche served alongside unagi-style eggplant with black sticky rice. The restaurant serves dinner exclusively and is represented in their opening and closing hours. It is open from Wednesday to Saturday at 5PM to 12AM. So, it is the perfect place to catch up over a meal and drinks after a long day at work or from studying. You can also make advance reservations for convenience from their website. 

Restaurant Lola Unique Identity

Restaurant Lola is conveniently located at the centre of Christianshavn on one of the ramparts overlooking the water. Christianshavn is an ideal place for a restaurant like this because it is beautiful, vibrant, and chic with a hippie vibe. The atmosphere is not only pleasant, but also warm, cozy and inviting. 

Restaurant Lola offers outdoor seating, so you can order your meal and enjoy it while admiring the surroundings. As you enter, you can tell that it’s a traditional space that is both intriguing and surprising. The restaurant’s setting and ambience makes it more of a community house than just a restaurant/pub. The décor includes various eye-catching elements and a “popping” color scheme.  

On the forest-like banks of Christianshavn lakes, lies the restaurant’s terrace. From here, you can view the eccentric wooden homes built by the locals. It offers the perfect place to enjoy a well-cooked meal and a glass of wine. They accept credit cards and the Price range per person is DKK 70 – DKK 180. 

These prices are fairly moderate in this part of Denmark. The restaurant also offers table service and seating. However, one disadvantage of the restaurant is that it is not wheelchair accessible. So some customers could miss out from the multicultural experience it has to offer. Similarly, it also lacks a takeaway service so you cannot order from the comfort of your home. However, it is one of those places where you have to be there to fully understand what it has to offer. 


Author: Fredrick