Flexible part time jobs in Denmark

It is a given and public information that Denmark belongs in the league of happiest countries as per the Global Happiness Index. Critics may argue about this ranking and what really makes happiness but that is a debate not too easy to win so we avoid it. But one thing people arriving in starting life in Denmark get shocked about is having to buy literally everything. Of course people give out gifts and donations but then who can expect to get that kind of help daily? So basically it boils down to people having to work their asses off especially through taking additional part time jobs.

Maybe not so many will tell you this but a lot of immigrants have to initially take two or three jobs to earn enough salary for their needs in Denmark and have something left to send back home. outside the 8 am to 5 pm jobs that one may have in Denmark, it’s also a possibility to take part time jobs. Even if not necessarily for the money, some part time jobs in Denmark provide a nice way of spending leisure time. Take for instance cycling or riding a scooter while working for a food distribution company like Wolt or Hungry. Sounds interesting, yeah? Let’s peel it off bit by bit then. 

Denmark is friendly and exciting place to work 

Denmark stands out as an  exceptional, friendly and lovely place to work and thrive. This is especially true based on its welfare which constitutes a reinforced social security to its employees which necessitates a flexible labor market. 

The average working time in Denmark is set to 37 hours per week thus any working time shorter than this is considered part time. But even those who have full time jobs still choose to take up other extra evening or weekend jobs just for amusement or the extra coin. Still, such kind of work qualifies to be considered as a part time job over and above the normal full time job. 

There are quite a lot of part time jobs in Denmark to choose from for the skilled and unskilled. They include jobs in the sectors of teaching, IT, sales, marketing, public relations, engineering, media, medicine, distribution, administration among many others. 

Depending on the nature of the job and the employee’s preference, one could swiftly go through several job shifts. Still one can equally switch to some time off work to have some balance between work and pleasure. Thus, either on a part time or full time basis, working in Denmark guarantees not only monetary satisfaction but also touches on all other aspects of life. 

Part time jobs in Denmark 

A larger population of the locals in Denmark speak and conduct many of their transactions in their local language, Danish. So just ignore anyone comforting you that knowing English when coming to Denmark is good enough and that there’s no need to bother learning Danish. Please learn the damn Danish if your life has to be any bearable and if interested in fitting in on the many part time jobs.

Warehouse work can be your part time job in Denmark

Below are some of the part time jobs that require knowledge of the English language.

Teaching children

This part time job gives a wide range of options from teaching children in school, teaching online or simply being a tutor. Teaching children in school demands one to have at least 2 years teaching experience in English and a teaching certificate or license. 

Teaching  job in Denmark  may involve instructing the children in English and guiding them in areas of difficulty. Apart from teaching English, the teacher may take to other subjects. The other subjects including science and mathematics also offer limitless opportunities. Moreover, the pay is considerably favorable especially if you land in an international or private school.

Tutoring doesn’t require any professional license as one only needs to have established good relationships and familiarity with the said family. Once this happens, you get employed under the directives of the family to hone the skills of the child or children in certain areas such as language.

For introverts who don’t like dealing with large groups, teaching children online will be fun, interactive and flexible and will also enjoy higher pay rates. Usually the qualification for this is a bachelor’s degree and some experience in teaching using online platforms such as skype and video chatting.

Teller assistant jobs in Denmark

A lot of opportunities exist in the banks in Denmark for anyone who wishes to be a teller assistant and it comes with a good salary given that the majority of them pays hourly. The qualifications for this will depend on the specific bank but of course some experience in banking and customer service is highly considered.

Cashier jobs in Denmark

Most retail stores and supermarkets especially within cities in Denmark offer employment opportunities to people seeking jobs as cashiers. You walk into any store downtown Copenhagen, Aarhus or Aalborg and see people busy at the counter checking out purchases for shoppers. Most of those people work part time. In fact the situation is similar in any other smaller cities as well where youth and teenagers take over as cashiers after their school day. 

Working part time as a cashier in Denmark isn’t a bad idea

An experience in customer service is highly recommended. On top of that, the job is flexible as you only work in the specified shift and the pay is good.

Sales and marketing jobs in Denmark 

Denmark has many companies in Denmark  that sell items within the country, in Scandinavia and across the world. Take for example Salling Group A/S  that receives products from all over and repackages them for retailers. The same applies to other bigger companies like Ørsted that deal in the wind energy sector. Something amazing with sales and marketing jobs is that sales executives do not necessarily need to report to the office everyday. One just needs to set aside proper time to attend to clients either at home, or in a cabin, wherever. This kind of flexibility must be what people in practical and in-presence jobs like surgeons could be missing. 

Most of  the part time sales and marketing jobs in Denmark involve dealing with fast moving goods like foodstuff and recruit sales people in their departmental and retail stores to handle their products. Apart from making direct sales, the companies also hire people to market their brands either online or coming into contact with the customers. Most of these jobs offer great experiences, pay well and are manageable. 

Nursemaid jobs in Denmark

If you like household chores and love staying around children, this is unquestionably the job for you. The goodness with this part time job is that the household which you work in provides for your needs and gives accommodation and the only thing required from you is to teach English, take care of the kids and the household in general. Notably, the pay is also considerably higher than other part time jobs because there are allowances especially during school holidays and weekends when there are other activities to do with the family. 

Benefits of working part time in Denmark 

There are so many reasons why one should not miss out on working in Denmark when opportunity arises. First, the minimum wage and the flexible work schedules drives one to explore other opportunities enabling them to thrive. Depending on the nature of the job, one may also be rewarded with additional allowances. Paid holidays and vacation, payment of tuition fees if the employee is a student can be among many other benefits.

Challenges of working Part time in Denmark 

Any job wouldn’t lack difficulties. An employee working part time in Denmark will face the high cost of living. This will necessitate them to have several part time jobs thus having to work for very long hours which could be detrimental to health. This will also affect their efficiency in the workplaces. Language barriers can also cause challenges in communication especially to an expat because most of the locals speak Danish.


Author: Fredrick