Best of experiences at Scandic CPH Strandpark Hotel

Denmark never stops to amaze revellers, diplomats, adventure seekers and anyone else looking for luxurious accommodation across the country. There is a way in which the accommodation and hotel services there represent the best that anyone would wish for. The bottom-line is always that people on a short stay, business trip or holidaying in Denmark don’t have any people to offer them accommodation in their homes. The best convenient option would be to check around for a budget yet good enough hotel to spend the period. Copenhagen city, which stands out as among the high visited cities in Denmark, can never be short of  hotels and accommodation facilities for those who need it. If one doubts it then just look out for and read reviews about Scandic CPH Strandpark. Scandic CPH Strandpark is more than just a hotel but an exciting premise where one can just sit, unwind, meditate and feel comfortable. At least anyone who needs to unplug after daylong activities will find the space at this premises. 

Denmark as the seat of great hotels and accommodation facilities

Denmark offers various types of accommodations, from the basic ones to ultra-high class. Whatever choice that one takes, it is guaranteed to be above the expected standards all around. In short, there is a suitable hotel for everyone’s budget but the touch of luxury won’t be lost. In a peculiar way, any keen guest will feel a certain aura of hospitality, great ambience and excellent services offered by a professional team. If this is not what hospitality should be all about then what else?

As you may be aware, the cost of living in Denmark can be relatively a bit high but this should not deny you the chance to make a choice from the numerous hoteling offers. Whether you want a traditional hotel, Danish hostels, or even a personal home to stay, Denmark will have you enjoy the best of each one of them.  

 Scandic CPH Strandpark meets its billing

If you are a lover of hotels and looking for accommodation in Denmark, then Scandic CPH Strandpark is the place. The hotel brings out a perfect convergence between land and water, the airport and the Oresund bridge, and the outdoors of the local beach. It doesn’t matter how you arrive; the most important thing is your arrival.

Just prepare yourself to be met by a relaxed atmosphere, a bunch of welcoming staff, restaurant experiences coupled with a view of the sea. Scandic CPH Strandpark has it all for you, not forgetting the exceptional opportunity for meetings. Then after you will head towards the inviting rooms that would embrace your warmth with peace and quiet.

At Scandic CPH Strandpark Hotel, you get to sleep like a baby

Locate Scandic CPH Strandpark Hotel

Scandic CPH Strandpark is a special hotel lying in a unique location between the city, sea, and the beach. Scandic CPH Strandpark is a hotel in Copenhagen just 1.3km from Kastrup Sobad Strand. The hotel offers you a variety of things that may be just what you need. The list of facilities one gets at the hotel is long but includes among others; accommodation, private parking, restaurant, terrace, and also a bar. 

The hotel accommodation is about 1.7km from Amager Strandpark, 6.6km from Our Saviour’s Church, and from Christiansborg Castle it is about 7.3km. Scandic CPH Strandpark, offers a 24 hour reception and free Wi-Fi. 

Nonetheless, the hotel’s location is near Oresund to give you a fantastic view of the bridge, water, and the city skyline. It is located in an area that offers numerous outdoor activities and you can easily access downtown Copenhagen in just about 10-12 minutes. Get a metro and in just about one stop away you arrive at the Copenhagen airport. 

 The Cozy Hotel Atmosphere

Scandic CPH Strandpark, enjoys the embrace of a warm but cosy atmospheric design covered with the sea inspired décor and interior. In the Skybar of Scandic CPH Strandpark, you get an opportunity to unwind a bit as you enjoy your soft relaxation. While here, you can also enjoy your cocktail in the company of your family and friends as you sit in the hotel lounge. At the lounge, the sun pieces smoothly but calming into your body from the experience of a first-class atmosphere. 

Scandic CPH Strandpark will just give you what your heart and body desires. If you need something that would be more grounding, the relaxing and wellness team will be ready for you. All you need is just to avail yourself. But come to think of it, health is wealth and your body needs some grinding and fitness to keep you fit. You can visit the fitness area, maybe enjoy a game of paddle tennis in the company of friends, or even glide through water in a kayak.

Granular details about Scandic CPH Strandpark

The hotel majors in the provision of some three key areas of interest. The wellness, weekend brunch, and your wellness stay.

  • Wellness at Scandic CPH Strandpark

In terms of wellness, Scandic CPH Strandpark has created a world of well being that will give you a relaxed atmosphere and a wonderful view of Oresund. Try the spa treatment given by the hotel’s professional therapists as you also visit the pool’s thermal area. Step into the array of wellness and embrace the everyday life feeling that evaporates with your wellness. This is exactly what Scandic CPH Strandpark wellness area will offer you from its exotic wellness area.

It is open from Monday to Sunday from 9am to 8pm with an access time limit of up to 3 hours. 

  • Hotel guests

  • From Monday to Thursday: DKK 295 per head 
  • Friday to Sunday: DKK 395 per head 
  • Bookings are often done via email: [email protected]
  • External guests

  • Monday- Thursday: DKK 395 per head
  • Friday- Sunday: DKK 495 per head
  • Bookings are done online via the hotel website
  • The Weekend Brunch 

At the top of the hotel, you can grab yourself a snack or a drink. You can either sit indoors or outdoors and have a view of the city from the roof. The planes descending towards the airport will also be a perfect view to envy as you also enjoy your weekend delicious brunch buffet.

There is always enough food to eat and drinks at Scandic CPH Strandpark Hotel

It will cost you about 349 DKK to enjoy your view of the sunrise above Oresund while enjoying a superb brunch in the hotel’s Skybar. While there, you can sample other varieties of dishes as well.

  • Hot dishes
  • Salads
  • Cold dishes
  • Sweets
  • Large selection of bread, jams, and cheese
  • Coffee, tea, and juice

The services are open from; 

  • Brunch: Saturday- Sunday: 10am to 1pm. Monday- Friday closed
  • Bar: Monday- Saturday 3pm to 1am and Sunday 3pm to 11pm
  • Wellness Stay

Pamper yourself and your loved ones with a wellness stay at the hotel. Your stay will only be complete with a combination of genuine wellness if you book the wellness package. Get to wind down and leave with excessive energy to start fresh after your vacation. Here the hotel will offer you;

  • A one-night stay for 2 in a shared huge double room
  • Glass of bubbly
  • A single drink in the bar after dinner
  • Breakfast buffet
  • 3-course dinner without drinks
  • Wellness admission for 3 hours

The services are available everyday of the week and all bookings are done online from the hotel’s website.

Author: Fredrick