An offshore experience at Helligdomsklipperne

Denmark never stops to amaze and surprise first timers as well as long residents alike with its breath-taking attractions. From the Capital region in Copenhagen to deep inside Jutland peninsula, there is always something to take you aback in nature, great premises, culture, holidaying spaces, hospitality services and more. Helligdomsklipperne comes out as among the greatest places to enjoy the outdoors. Just like so many other exciting attractions in Denmark, an experience at Helligdomsklipperne  is enough to carry away  both the  locals and foreigners alike. 

Helligdomsklipperne as among the signature places in Denmark

Something so amazing about Denmark is its close proximity to the sea and the excellent spatial planning  making most buildings to face the waterfront.  So many waterfronts exist across the country and the structures around it have been adapted to give the best view for people interested in chilling out. A good example of such waterfronts is Bornholm island which is famous for its four round churches. However, the island also has other attractions that can enrich your vacation in Denmark.

Helligdomsklipperne (Sanctuary Cliffs) is located along the rocky coast sandwiched between Tejn and Gudhjem. Other than being a major attraction site, Helligdomsklipperne serves other purposes in the country. For instance, it is considered an essential landmark to both Bornholm and Denmark. 

Helligdomsklipperne a place of magnificence and splendour on Bornholm

The jagged Helligdomsklipperne rocks near Gudhjem town form part of the masterpiece that is Bornholm island. It is located next to Rø, 6 km north of, directly on the road from Gudhjem. At the highest points of the steep coast, the rocks drop vertically up to 22 meters. The cliffs have names like Libertsklippen, Capriklippen, Kærlighedsbænken, Sorte Gryde, Helligdomsklippen (sanctuary rock), Måneskinsklipperne, and Lyseklippen (candle or light rock). 

There can also be found grottos Våde Ovn (wet furnace) and Torre Ovn (dry furnace). In conjunction with other attractions such as Hammershus cliff top ruins located in its north. It is the perfect place for those who believe in fairy tales and their link to medieval castles. 

At the Bornholm art museum you will find the works of various painters who focus on the natural light on the island. Helligdomsklipperne offers tourists and locals Instagram-worthy scenes that you can faithfully share with your many followers. However, these phenomenal Sanctuary Cliffs on the northeast side of Bornholm’s coastline serves other purposes. They are some of the most important landmarks of Bornholm specifically and Denmark generally. So, you should keep that in mind as you stroll into the various caves. You can also enjoy the coastline here and see the special cave spiders in the up to 60 meter deep caves.

The History of the Helligdom Cliffs

The Helligdom Cliffs owe their existence to the effects of elements such as weather, wind and time. These elements made the landscape uneven, forming columns and grottos in Bornholm’s massive granite over thousands of years. The area where they lie today was below sea level during the last Ice Age. 

However, when the ice melted, the island rose approximately 20 meters above the sea. It served as a site of pilgrimage where people from the Middle Ages convened during some festivals. For instance, during one Midsummer, the people of Bornholm pai  pilgrimages to the springs of Rø Kjijla.

An oblique view of Helligdomsklipperne

Fast forward to today and the whole coast has been put under nature protection. So, don’t be surprised to find marked paths that lead along and down the coast. While visiting the cliffs, you can walk to Gudhjem which is 5.9 km north. Alternatively, you can walk northwards to Tejn, which is 4.9 km away. 

If you decide to head west, you will come across the most amazing waterfall in Bornholm known as Døndalen. It is also popular because it is the highest waterfall in Denmark. If this is not your thing then the forest in this valley will surely get you excited. Not only are they a natural beauty but also picturesque.

Interesting one can do at Helligdomsklipperne

While visiting Helligdomsklipperne, there are various activities that you can engage in. It is a good place to visit if you are into history and the Danish medieval times. It is worth taking time off your busy schedule and enjoying. 

1. Boat Ride between Gudhjem and the Helligdomsklipper

Climbing and descending the stiff stairs on the cliffs can be very tiring if you are not a fan of physical activities. Luckily for you, you can take a boat ride instead. The cliffs look more interesting from a boat. Unfortunately, the boat only operates when the weather is good and offers evening tours. 

Taking a boat ride between Gudhjem and the Helligdomsklipper can be an amazing experience. It will also give you a view of the island and the water. However, it is only ideal during summer. The incredible tour boat M/S Thor offers trips between the cliffs and Gudhjem. 

The journey from the Gudhjem port takes M/S Thor nearly one hour and stretches from Bornholm’s east coast to Helligdomsklipperne. Luckily, the ship’s captain is always in a mood to point out the most beautiful rock formations.  The formations are popularly known as Hestestenene (horse stones), Blod Egil (Egil’s blood head), Salene Sten, Bobbeåen, Stevelen, Strandfogedgården or Røstad Strand.

As M / S Thor approaches the incredible Helligdomsklipperne, you get the chance to look into the deep caves in the rock. Finally, the boat arrives in Libertsklippen where there is more to see. Depending on the waves, you can disembark and visit the art museum. You will be able to buy your tickets on board though you can check the prices in advance on their website. 

You will really enjoy the ride thanks to the breath-taking views and the natural light that enables you to take good photos. If you don’t enjoy boat rides then you can settle for a walk back and forth along the coastal path. Whatever the case, you will still have an amazing experience. 

2. Visit the Bornholm Art Museum

Above the cliffs stands a modern building that hosts the Bornholm’s Art Museum. It adds to the intrigue of the site because it stands in contrast to the natural environment. Here you will find various large and small modern sculptures.
Inside the museum, natural light brightens the building revealing exhibitions that consist of painting, sculpture and handicrafts on several floors. Though most paintings are from local artists, other artists who capture the island are included. 


Author: Fredrick