Flexible part time jobs in Denmark

It is a given and public information that Denmark belongs in the league of happiest countries as per the Global Happiness Index. Critics may argue about this ranking and what really makes happiness but that is a debate not too easy to win so we avoid it. But one thing people arriving in starting life … Read more

A close-up of the magnificent Jægerspris Castle

People who have been to Denmark often want to go back and those already there are unwilling to leave since there is something juicy about the country. Of course just like any place in this world, Denmark has its share of setbacks but one thing that can’t be taken away from it is the beauty … Read more

An offshore experience at Helligdomsklipperne

Denmark never stops to amaze and surprise first timers as well as long residents alike with its breath-taking attractions. From the Capital region in Copenhagen to deep inside Jutland peninsula, there is always something to take you aback in nature, great premises, culture, holidaying spaces, hospitality services and more. Helligdomsklipperne comes out as among the … Read more

Something amazing about Jægersborggade in Copenhagen

There are always enough exciting and beautiful places to talk about in Copenhagen. In fact one may conclude that the city of Copenhagen is a cocktail of amazingness. In this great mix of enchanting locations in Copenhagen is Jægersborggade. This street may sound like just an ordinary one but on a normal day, it bursts … Read more

Best of experiences at Scandic CPH Strandpark Hotel

Denmark never stops to amaze revellers, diplomats, adventure seekers and anyone else looking for luxurious accommodation across the country. There is a way in which the accommodation and hotel services there represent the best that anyone would wish for. The bottom-line is always that people on a short stay, business trip or holidaying in Denmark … Read more

What is in store for guests visiting Borre Knob, Juelsminde

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Hotel Marienlyst where guests create the experience they want

If you are checking the map of Helsingør, it will be easy to identify Kronborg Castle. Hotel Marienlyst is just at the seaside, north of the castle. It stretches into the shores of the Øresund Strait, showing it a beautiful sandy beach. Hotel Marienlyst is a lovely nature encounter with a marvellous view, sun terrace, … Read more

Under Uret; one of the top joints in Svendborg

Travelling and visiting new spaces is one of the surest ways to improve our quality of life. What many may not wholly agree with is that it isn’t actually our wealth or bank balances that will eventually make us happy but an openness to new experiences does. Okay, if you’re struggling to get where all … Read more

Exciting Summer experience at Hvidbjerg camping

If you wish to have your holiday right by the North Sea, Hvidbjerg Camping covers you. You will have a beautiful view of different large river systems feeding the North Sea from around Europe, including the Rhine Rivers, Thames, and the Elbe. Nothing can be said about holidays and camping without mentioning Hvidbjerg camping.  While … Read more

Check in and Spend quality time at Radisson Red Aarhus

Aarhus is not your ordinary city in Denmark. At least most immigrants who live in Jutland know that this city is where the region’s  Danish Immigration  Service offices are located. But that aside, the city has so many attractions including Den Gamle By which has a record for being its old town open-air museum. Here … Read more