A visit to Blåvand Zoo

In the long list of exciting places worth visiting and spending some good time in, Blåvand is one. The location is a cosy town in Denmark that offers a perfect place for a family or individual holiday. It has many attractions that offer locals and foreigners alike an excellent environment for fun and outdoor activities. In a country like Denmark where fun and happiness are centre stage, it pays to know the most interesting places. 

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A good example of the attractions in Blåvand is the breath-taking Blåvand zoo. It is a good place for a family day out or just as a distraction from a busy weekend. It houses more than 400 animals that can give you great experiences. Some examples of the animals here include horses, pigs, donkeys, rabbits, goats and guinea pigs. 

It also has other exotic animals such as monkeys, zebras, and ostriches among others. One fun fact about the zoo is that it is the only zoo in Denmark with red giant kangaroos and white lions. So, if you are in the market for snake shows or pony riding then this is the place to visit with your family. 

Is Blåvand Zoo a Perfect place for Kids? 

If you have kids then you understand the energy level that these little ones have. Once in a while, you will need to find an outdoor activity to drain some of this energy. Well, lucky for you, Blåvand Zoo is a perfect spot for children. It has many facilities that children will find particularly interesting. 

For instance, the zoo has pushcarts and playgrounds where your children can participate in different outdoor activities. What’s more, you can use these facilities free of charge so you won’t have to worry about the costs involved. Moreover, you are allowed to carry your own food to the zoo. 

So, you can enjoy a nice little picnic with your family after visiting the different animals at the facility. If you are not interested in bringing your own food then you have access to the cafeteria at the zoo. Hence, your options when it comes to food are more flexible depending on your preference. The cafeteria serves food and drink in the form of French fries, ice cream, toast, pizza, coffee, beer, soda and cake.  

Another thing you will love about the zoo is that they allow people to bring their dogs. Many families in Denmark have dogs for companionship and other reasons. Getting a dog seater can be expensive and challenging especially if it’s last minute. Thankfully, Blåvand zoo will let you bring your dog on your family outing. 

You might be pleasantly surprised to know that the zoo has other facilities such as toilets with changing rooms for babies. So, you don’t have to leave your baby at home when you visit the zoo. It also provides access to handicap facilities making it a good outdoor place for everyone and anyone in Blåvand. 

Some Fun Activities at the Zoo

Blåvand Zoo offers an amazing experience for the whole family especially if you are animal lovers. The facility is home to approximately 400 individual animals from 80 distinct species so you are assured of variety. You will find lions, foxes, river pigs, kangaroo’s, parrots among others living here. 

Blåvand Zoo has an amazing farm area with animals that you can pet if you are into that sort of thing. If not, then you can settle for watching the lions and other animals getting fed. The animals are fed between 10:30 am and 3:30 pm.

Throughout the year and depending on the season, the zoo organizes different animal feedings and showings on a daily basis. Interestingly, there are snakes that people are allowed to touch. 

The zoo also has smaller “pets” such as calves, ponies, goats and rabbits. So, you and your entire family including your four-legged friends are assured of a great day when you visit the zoo. 

Other things to know before Visiting Blåvand Zoo

One thing you will love about this place is the flexibility when it comes to deciding when to visit. The zoo stays open all year round, so you can plan a trip anytime or any day you find yourself in Blåvand and the surrounding area. You will definitely catch a glimpse of the daily feedings, demonstrations and other activities such as pony riding. 

Furthermore, you and your kids will have access to lots of educational information about the different animals in the park. The park also has free tow trucks that you can borrow to carry your luggage or help with the small kids. 

The zoo accommodates the needs of both small and older children thanks to the playgrounds in the park. Different equipment is distributed on the playgrounds to make it more entertaining for children. So, you can let them play with other kids while you grab a coffee at the cafeteria and catch up on small talk. 

You should not leave the park before letting your kids try out the gunpowder in the playground. They will find it very fascinating and will thank you for bringing them to this paradise. Besides, you can also use the playgrounds to take short breaks between seeing different animals and let the information sink in. 

Author: Fredrick