Making your city ride stress free with taxi in Copenhagen

Copenhagen, which has well lived to its minicar as the city of fairy tales, is among the most visited places in the Nordics. If there is any place much known in Denmark by foreigners then it is Copenhagen. So many meetings of international importance take place each passing day in the city. Be it at NH Hotels Copenhagen or Bella Center Copenhagen, the city has so many conference places to marvel. Meeting and venues aside, any person would be interested to know how to get a way around the city other than the well connected Copenhagen metro transit system. Here is where the taxi in Copenhagen becomes a relevant talking point. You may need to move around the vast city conveniently and to specific points but don’t have your own car. In this situation, taxis become  your best alternative. 

A little praise for Copenhagen 

The wonderful home of the Little Mermaid is where everyone fondly now calls Copenhagen city. When  Denmark became a kingdom in the 900s, it was just some very small insignificant fishing village with not so much to write home about.  But since then, Copenhagen has literally boosted its prominence to the global map and now bustles with life, foreigners, waterfronts, best hotel and conference facilities…name it. Copenhagen has it all. It has surely lived to its very historical ambition dating back to 1167. The great sense of evolution that has continued to spur in the city of Copenhagen, is such an epic revolution.

Each and every day as Denmark welcomes visitors and foreigners, most of them flock around its capital, Copenhagen. The level of modernity and attractions witnessed here is so mind blowing. Everyone wants to come to see what the city lying on the coat overlooking Sweden has in store for them. Copenhagen has existed for over 1000 years and has since remained to be the capital of Denmark.

Fun facts about Denmark

There is so much that Copenhagen has to give those who take an adventurous step to visit its enchanting city centre and waterfronts. It may actually take such a long time to exhaust everything. Now deviating from the discussion about this wonderful capital since that is not why we are here today, let’s talk about something much more interesting. Taxis are a common means to an end in the city of Copenhagen and almost everyone has used one at some point.

As you visit the city of Copenhagen to get an experience of its goodies or just around town and need to move about, all that you may think of is taking a taxi. When travelling to a foreign country or moving around as a newcomer, taking a taxi is one thing that can save you lots of worries. You don’t need to own a car or be a local to enjoy a smooth and colourful ride to your hotel because taxis in Copenhagen are here at your service.

All you may need to know about Taxis in Copenhagen  

It doesn’t necessarily be the case for a newcomer but while in Denmark, you could be going for a tour around the city with friends too. Or for some, they could wish to enjoy hygge with the locals and indulge in some social activities revolving around culture around the city. Whether you are here to have fun or otherwise, don’t let public transportation deny you the chance of enjoying the magic of your vacation

Copenhagen in a taxi

What you’d definitely need to do is to hop on to a Copenhagen taxi and enjoy your comfort to your destination. Although the Copenhagen taxis could be a little bit expensive, they are very reliable, clean and well maintained. So, there is at least a very good quality service for your money hence the satisfaction. 

Copenhagen taxis come in different vehicle types and shapes that would suit every passenger’s needs. It doesn’t matter if you are one passenger or travelling in the company of a group of friends and family. Copenhagen taxis are all fixed and made available to fit into your plans and nothing can ever go wrong. Using a taxi in Copenhagen is a very nice and comfortable way to see the city. During your short stay in Copenhagen, use a taxi which will enable you to see a lot of things within the shortest period of time.

All taxis in Copenhagen are metered and all are designed to accept an international credit card. Yes, taxis here are also a part of the public transport system and the costs are regulated by the Danish government. Always make sure that you have all the facts right before starting your ride especially for a credit card user. This way you avoid a lot of complications as you ride in a Copenhagen taxi.

Estimated Costs you will pay for riding in a Copenhagen Taxi

It is not really a secret that Denmark is a very expensive country to live in, particularly in the cities. This is why you would find many people feeling comfortable staying in the rural and suburban parts of the country. Taxis in Copenhagen are quite expensive as compared to taxi costs in the other European capitals.

The Copenhagen taxis are licensed by the government authorities and you are unlikely to experience any negative issues. Most of the taxi drivers are English speakers and the taxis are connected to taximeters just to ensure that it is turned on during your trip.

The minimum expected amount is DKK 24 this is roughly €3.22. The price charged for every kilometre is DKK 16. To move from the airport to the city centre, a taxi in Copenhagen will charge you between €34 and €47 for an ordinary taxi.

How to Access a Taxi in Copenhagen

Copenhagen city is a home to numerous taxis which come in various colours. But the good thing with them is that they are quite large and very comfortable. You can either flag one on the street or take one at a specified point around Copenhagen. 

All you need to know is that if the yellow taxi sign is on, then the taxi is available for hire. For a free taxi, you will often spot the FRI word displayed. However, with technology, one can as well order for their ride online and wait for its arrival.

Author: Fredrick