The best of Hotel Vissenbjerg Storkro

Revellers, fun travellers, avid adventurous and ordinary visitors alike will relate how important  getting to a cosy restaurant can be. Yes people travel out and about to zoos, nature places, waterfronts and more but at the end of the day when evening begins to fall, we retreat to our abodes for a glass of wine, barbeque or just merry making. These and many more define what you will get at Vissenbjerg Storkro; one of the best joints that Funen prides itself to have. We gladly pan the lenses to give you a 360 degrees view of Vissenbjerg Storkro, its offerings, outlook, perspectives of visiting guests and many more. Lets go on this hotel tour of Vissenbjerg Storkro. 

Sights like the Little Mermaid statue, being the home of Hans Christian Andersen and the happiest nation globally are what make Denmark famous. However, there is much more to get to know about in Denmark that most new bees don’t know yet. Everything about Denmark and its cities is all about happiness because in each and every place you visit, there is something that will entice your soul.

Pleasant surprises and facts about Denmark, Funen

One thing that most people may not be aware of, is that Danish society still operates on the laws of Jante. No authority has a mandate to enforce the rules but these ten basic rules put in place by Dano-Norwegian the author Aksel Sandemose wrote in his novel “Fugitive Crosses His Tracks” way back in 1993. The 10 rules define that no one needs to believe on private excellence compared to the rest of the community and humility is key.

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Because of these principles, Danish society has since remained to be the best in the world. Aside from the homogeneous principles, Denmark remains to be a highly established and developed country both in its infrastructure and culture. The public as well as the private infrastructures are beautiful and well-maintained. Factors such as this one is the things that would greatly inspire you when you get to Denmark.

The degree of organisation and coordination is top notch. No wonder the Danes are always happy and lovable people since they are full of love and are enthusiastic. Speaking about infrastructures like hotels, you haven’t gotten enough of it all before being at the Vissenbjerg Storkro hotel in Denmark.

Getting Some Facts Right About Vissenbjerg Storkro

Vissenbjerg Storkro hotel is located in the countryside just somewhere around Vissenbjerg about some 18km from Odense, a city in Denmark. As I stated earlier, there is neither a city nor a place in Denmark that lacks something worth making news or statements. Every corner proclaims a very high degree of excellence.

All the hotel rooms in Vissenbjerg Storkro give you a perfect view of the surrounding nature. On some occasions, one may decide that while on holiday, they bring a piece of their work along, so Vissenbjerg Storkro helps you out with the presence of a desk. The rooms also have cable TV, so to enable you to stay updated on the affairs currently happening in the country.

While at the hotel’s restaurant, you get to be served with some of the seasonal specialties prepared with freshly made ingredients. Dinner is often served on time and will leave you all filled up from the hotel delicacies. Afterwards, you will get to have a smooth relaxation while playing a game of the billiards or even enjoy your favourite drink in the Vissenbjerg Storkro’s bar. 

Vissenbjerg Storkro is proof that hotels can deliver a diversified fun platform for their clients. This can be attributed to the fact that you could participate in other activities other than just eating, gaming and drinking in the bar. Vissenbjerg Storkro will offer you some other very popular activities in this area like cycling, hiking and even you could go out fishing.

Highlights of Vissenbjerg Storkro Hotel

Being a landmark of the cosy Funen village, the location is defined by a lovely surrounding defined by a green scenery. From the Vissenbjerg Storkro hotel, there is easy access to scenic places. 

The hotel comprises 60 functional and beautiful rooms that offer a very great view. Of these available rooms, 8 are meeting rooms and also group rooms that can contain up to 400 people at one go. In the living room of the Vissenbjerg Storkro hotel, there is a living room with an option among games including table tennis, game of darts or billiards, and table football.

Vissenbjerg Storkro generally offers very highly qualified experiences from business meetings, a romantic weekend stay or any adventurous short holiday. Your whole family also has a package clearly included if a family person. There is golf at all levels, business and official parties, round birthday parties and even more.

Every business has its own trademark defining a purpose and journey with a clear meaning towards growth. This is not different from Vissenbjerg Storkro. The hotel has a trademark which defines quality service at very considerable pricing which is inclusive and affordable for all. Clearly connects to the earlier 10 rule criteria that I stated that the Danes operate from.

More on Vissenbjerg Storkro Trademark

The hotel ownership, management and staff all operate under one single clear course. They all strive very hard to offer you an exclusive experience and will all be available, if need be, during your stay at Vissenbjerg Storkro. It is all good as your pet is also welcome. 

According to the hotel’s philosophy, the employees define the good working environment so is the good service in all aspects of operation. It is for this reason that Vissenbjerg Storkro invests a whole lot in its employees. Hence very considerate of their employees’ level of education who they are banking on to raise the standards of the industry. Vissenbjerg Storkro also ensures to enhance the quality of its employees by motivating them through educating numerous students.

Vissenbjerg Storkro has Much More to Offer

Other than making their employees happy, quality checks are also part of a daily routine at Vissenbjerg Storkro. The hotel has put in place a working group to continuously follow up on developments within the environment and energy. We all know that climate change is a very notorious topic in the globe presently. This is why Vissenbjerg Storkro takes note of such serious issues. 

Vissenbjerg Storkro contributes to the achievement of a sustainable environment by encouraging the use of eco-friendly cleaning agents. Waste sorting happen in an environment friendly way to reduce carbon emissions into the air. They have joined the campaign towards a green economy by implementing the use of renewable energy sources. 


Author: Fredrick