Chill out, enjoy and spend your time at Zoku Copenhagen

We all like nice things in life which is probably the reason someone will save money from January to August just to spend a lovely Summer vacation at an exotic location. Every year, locals as well as internationals throng Copenhagen, the dream city for adventure seekers just to have a taste of what it offers. Even if not for leisure, it is likely that someone attending an international event will have it set in Copenhagen or any of the big cities in Denmark, but mainly Copenhagen. Hopefully any keen person begins to see sense in why knowing  the inside out of Zoku Copenhagen will never be a waste of time. 

Look at this, you are in Copenhagen, not stranded but trying to figure out where exactly to put up for the night and longer. In such a situation, what comes to mind is the need for cosiness within a budget just not to be off plan. The award winning Zoku Copenhagen is the actual plug for those really yearning for comfort, stylishness, convenience and more all in one package. 

A clear pace for someone wanting to know more of Zoku Copenhagen 

Zoku Copenhagen comes out as the largest apartments- hotel in Copenhagen. You note the word, apartments-hotel which simply means you may have an experience of both being within a community and exclusive hotel. The apartments hotel provides an amazing place to stay at a very comfortable locality. If you have been to or read something about Copenhagen, maybe by now it’s clear that the city is the busiest. After the bustle along the streets, racing against scooters and exuberant road users, it is finally evening and just needs to relax. 

The ambience around Zoku is something to behold

So one thing with Zoku Copenhagen is its ideal location that does not push people into long rides from the city center. The place is located  within 2.6 km of Copenhagen central station and 5.8 km Copenhagen Kastrup airport. So should it happen that you have finalized your stay in Denmark and are looking to catch a train or flight, choosing Zoku will not be a risky one. 

Amazing offers and deals for guests at Zoku Copenhagen

Zoku has a lot to offer to visitors no matter what time of the year you visit. Cleanliness and serenity are top notch here. While you without a doubt pay a friendly price for an accommodation at the hotel, no compromise is made on quality. The hotel is well furnished with a modern and well- designed collection of suites and social work spaces. The suites are smartly designed and packed with modern amenities. 

Zoku Copenhagen assures anyone visiting of comfort and plenty of space for living, working, dining, holding meetings and even exercising. In the current era of the internet, the hotel makes sure that customers get reliable, free high-speed Wi-Fi. The buildings also have fully-equipped kitchens, a large living and office space. Zoku just blows off the traditional concept of hoteling and creates a whole new concept. In its calming and hybrid style, Zoku blends hospitality and homeness. So basically, someone living in the hotel will without a doubt have a unique home-feeling and a break from the traditional hotels.

What people say about Staying in Zoku

It may be somehow absurd to begin by highlighting sentiments of Zoku Copenhagen’s managing director, Marc Jongerius but it’s never an exaggeration anyway.  Mark proudly assures active and potential visitors that Zoku is a hybrid between a home and an office. Unlike normal hotels where people just check in for a short period and leave, Zoku strategically focuses on serving people who need to live and work in the city of Copenhagen for days, weeks or more. 

Expansive accommodation space

At the hotel, you can almost be guaranteed not to miss a space. This does not mean that not enough customers come by but, the hotel has an expansive accommodation space just waiting for the next customer. A lot of  these hotel rooms are actually lofts.  Entertainment and media are well catered for when at Zoku Copenhagen. These lofts each have  a flat screen TV, air conditioner and an innovative loft-style bed therefore offering both short and long stays at any time. 

Well- equipped kitchenettes

Well, some people may flinch at the repeated mentioning of kitchen, food and such but it’s necessary when talking about Zoku. Like already mentioned, Zoku gives a blend of hotel and home which is why, it has well- equipped kitchenettes with a microwave and dishwasher. The staff are available if needed with amazing services upon request.

Practical and functional support 

Zoki Copenhagen goes an extra mile to help its guests. For instance, the hotel management understands that some guests may have trouble doing certain things in the city due to language barrier. To remedy the situation and make guests feel even more comfortable, a community manager helps guests with practical matters which make their life generally easy. Some of the stuff that the community manager can help with include opening a bank account and arranging the right health care in Denmark and even more.

To further create a fulfilling sense of community and connection with your new environment in Copenhagen, the community manager will from time to time mingle freely with the guests at Zoku’s rooftop bar for a glass of wine. Just to mention, there is nothing that eases people and makes them chatterboxes of sorts in Denmark than alcohol. An average Dane will cut a forlorn image-so cold but then when tipsy, they turn on. Which better way to experience a new country than at Zoku?  

Food inspiration at Zoku

Zoku offers to its guests an assortment of cuisine. If ever you have longed for such a decorated interaction of cultures, food served at Zoku does it. There’s the possibility to adapt the dishes to accommodate any dietary requirements. In short, your wish and taste well means the command of the attendants at the hotel.  Breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner are all professionally prepared by a team of talented chefs. As a guest, you have all the leeway to just communicate with the chef about your favorite dish and boom! it will be served like they expected it. The dishes have amazing and very memorable flavors.

Social spaces at Zoku Copenhagen

Something that stands out prominently about Zoku Copenhagen is its high regard for creating social environments. Here, the top floor has a rooftop terrace, sunlit greenhouse and an all round view that gives guests a panoramic view of Copenhagen.  Maybe you have come back from a conference or have been indoors at your hotel office desk, all you need is to climb up to the rooftop terrace and have a calming breath of the breeze. 

The hotel is also very generous with its living kitchen which has long tables where guests can come to eat and drink together. This creates a great sense of family amongst people who otherwise didn’t know each other prior.  For lovers of the bottle, it is a possibility to take a walk into Zoku’s bar commonly known as Kindred spirit bar. If you’re feeling lazy and just want to throw yourself off and hang your legs in the air, the comfy couches around will be ideal. 

Taking a Meeting and Events to Zoku Copenhagen

Do you want a place to organize training, workshops, seminars, conferences, company parties around the town of Copenhagen? Zoku is what you have been looking for. This concept intends to unite and bring people together from all over the universe. Zoku Copenhagen has the best meeting and event facilities which foster collaboration and networking with features like natural lighting, amazing views of the rooftop and a high-speed Wi-Fi.

Guests who have been to Zoku Copenhagen in my research mentioned that “the decoration of the hotel is very tasteful and unbelievable.” The overall layout is simple and fascinating. Therefore from the customers’ opinion Zoku Copenhagen has a higher degree of satisfaction. For visitors planning to visit the city of Copenhagen in Denmark I would highly recommend Zoku Copenhagen hotel because this hotel is a place to rest, enjoy, have a comfortable bed, good shower facilities and a quiet working place.



Author: Fredrick