What is in store for guests visiting Borre Knob, Juelsminde

Those who understand the beauty and flair of travelling to a new destination will agree that there is never any feeling to compare with it. When travelling, we learn a lot, get to test our perceptions and satisfy curiosity. Denmark is one Scandinavian country where avid travellers can never miss to find fresh and satisfying places. Should you at one time find yourself visiting Denmark’s Central Jutland (Midtjylland) and specifically  Hedensted Municipality, never miss to see what Borre Knob has for its guests. 

Wondering what else you can do in Hadensted Municipality, Juelsminde Camping may just be the other answer if not Borre Knob. 

We can safely say that anyone claiming to have been around Juelsminde on a vacation and not yet visited Borre Knob is self-deceiving. You will have a one in a lifetime stay and memorable experience for the holiday summer for you and your family. The stimulating environment will give you inner tranquillity and peace for reflection and meditation. 

Located in Central Jutland on the east coast of Horsens, you will have a chance to take your Scandinavian girlfriend to enjoy the unique, breath-taking space and culture. Borre Knob is the better place to be during your visits to Juelsminde. You will not be disappointed visiting the place, particularly if you love nature and relaxed environments. 

Services ready for guests at Borre Knob

You may be in Juelsminde for a business meeting or trip. That does not mean that you should be in dull surroundings. Borre Knob offers quality atmospheric function rooms where you will be served with happy and friendly staff. The place offers a professional yet cosy atmosphere.

Take your conferences and meetings to Borre Knob, Juelsminde

The design and size of the conference and board rooms are outstanding for professional events other than meetings. The large windows will make you more comfortable, and during the meeting breaks, you can have a lookout onto the peninsular and some apple trees. 

Lovely and soothing sights to enjoy plus amazing meals

At  Borre Knob, you will have a lovely sight to enjoy during the long meetings. You and your colleagues can make perfect business decisions as you will be calm throughout the session due to the beautiful and serene surroundings. You will enjoy the classic Danish food encouraged by the natural environment. Its a guarantee that your meals will be done uniquely from scratch using fresh herbs and local produce, which will be a positive surprise on your intensive work day. The unique environment of Borre Knob also allows your work team to have motivational activities that promote team building. The open space by the fjord with a private peninsula is perfect for carrying out your team-building activities. 

Lovely conference and board rooms

The lovely conference and board rooms have made Borre Knob have an outstanding image. The venue has held many annual strategy seminars. Around thirty to thirty-five managers and directors from other places in Denmark visit the place for their meetings and events. All without exception are always excited about the venue. Not only is Borre Knob bordered by a stunning environment with cool air and light, but the serene surroundings also gives you an ample chance to work and think while relaxing.

After you are done with your business meeting, you can come back during the summer to the place, and you may think you are in another fantastic place. During the summer, the doors are opened for you to book a summer stay with your family or friends. 

Adventuring the Juelsminde Peninsula

Are you fascinated by adventuring the Juelsminde Peninsula? The region surrounding the Juelsminde Peninsula is perfect for sea tours. The undisturbed waters in Vejle and fjords of Horsens bring out the lovely deformed lengths of the coast. The delightful islands offer ideal statuses for you to adventure the Danish east coast. From all these, Borre Knob will make you have that time of your life. It will offer a memorable outing with family and friends sitting on a kayak. 

Go kayaking at Borre Knob, Juelsminde

You can rent a kayak and embark for Vejle Fjord or Horsens by a tour guide, yourself, and your family. Fishing is also another exciting experience from the safe fishing kayaks. Prices for renting a kayak with a paddle and life jacket begin at DKK 300. 

The best destination for hiking

I cannot forget to mention the best destination for hiking. There is ample free parking space right from where the peninsula begins. From the parking lot, a waypoint direct to the east is around lake Lillestrand. Turning to the eastern shore, you can trek the 2-kilometre long to the top. You can either use the beach or inland where there is shade from the strong wind. Before you get to the east coast, you can relax in that house with benches and tables as you enjoy your packed snacks or meals. When you turn to the east side, you will be amazed at the beautiful view of Hjarnø and the fjord Alrø. Here you can easily spot the Hjarnø Ferry. If you are there for about two hours, you will see the ferry ten times. 

To do list for the Trip to Borre Knob

When visiting Borre Knob to adventure the various unique places, you need to have a list of things that increase your excitement. Some of the things you should include or do include the following:

  • Soak and play during the sunny weather at the beach.
  • Play drakes and ducks in the serene water.
  • See the Hjarnø Ferry.
  • Stretch your hands and feel the calm wind.
  • Carry along cold refreshments and lunch while going for the hike.
  • Search for various bird species that live on the peninsula.
  • Pick garbage on your way to make the encounter exciting for the other visitors. 
  • Wave to the captain in one of the boats sailing by yours.
  • Pick many roses from the various rose bushes.
  • You can also visit Glud Museum while going home if that is your route.


Author: Fredrick