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If you are checking the map of Helsingør, it will be easy to identify Kronborg Castle. Hotel Marienlyst is just at the seaside, north of the castle. It stretches into the shores of the Øresund Strait, showing it a beautiful sandy beach. Hotel Marienlyst is a lovely nature encounter with a marvellous view, sun terrace, and beach sauna. You will have an incredibly peaceful moment. As you quickly get the pleasant feeling of walking at the coast, it will release your thoughts from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. If you are searching for an excellent suggestion for a short tour within Helsingør, Hotel Marienlyst might be the best place.

A brief History of Hotel Marienlyst

Hotel Marienlyst traces back from where it adapted its name after Marienlyst House. It was a neighbouring former royal summer place between 1859 and 1896. J. S. Nathanson, a dealer from Helsingør then rented it  as a spa Hotel. Do you like identifying with the royal? You can have a chance to stay in the same room as one of the royals. International and Danish prestigious societies frequently visited Hotel Marienlyst’s spa. You will be amazed as King Christian IV’s brother, Prince Hans, visited the hotel. He stayed in hotel room 15 mainly during the summer. The King also occasionally visited the hotel. The list of royals visiting Hotel Marienlyst is not enough. Alexander III of Russia also visited the hotel for lunch at one particular time. The presence of royalty in the hotel means that the place is graced and offers quality services with unique places of adventure. 

For football lovers, I know you will be excited to experience the same places your best players have toured. The Danish national football team have been hotel visitors since 2008 during their home matches and coaching periods. In 2013, the hotel was destroyed in the storm Bodil. An investor group later took it in 2014, led by Borris Tangaa Nielsen. Hotel Marienlyst launched its new residential wind on New Year’s Eve 2017, with a private equity fund taking 49.9% of the hotel the same year. In 2019, ESS Group took the hotel and managed it until today. 

Best of Services you will get at Hotel Marienlyst

Understanding the Nordic style is the most exciting thing during your stay in Denmark. Hotel Marienlyst brings out impeccable Nordic designs in their spacious rooms. The rooms have a minimalistic interior design using a combination of soft hues and textures that bring out the sleek, modern décor. This leaves you so warm and inviting. All the 227 rooms are designed uniquely to attract you to stay in the rooms for more days than you expected. You will not be worried about missing your favourite TV channels as the room features cable TV with seating space with a table. 

Exotic hotel rooms at Hotel Marienlyst

Sitting and watching your TV all day in your room can be tedious. Hotel Marienlyst guarantees you more fun activities. The hotel has a mini-bar in the room where you can take your drinks as you watch your favourite movies on TV. That can, however, not be as exciting as going to the two large bars in the hotel and having your favourite cool drinks as you make new friends. 

You can also order your food from the two restaurants in the hotel. The in-house restaurant, Brasserie 1861, has the most beautiful view. You will have delicious meals from the friendly and professional staff; you can enjoy the panoramic seascape of the Øresund strait. The breakfast is particularly mouth-watery as most visitors rank it as the best with local and organic ingredients. The place is more exciting as everything is set for you to relax and have the best comfort. You can also easily access a nearby shop, cafes and a lounge with outdoor terraces and beautiful sea views. I bet the romantic sea view will tempt you to propose to your girlfriend if you do not have plans to do that yet.

Excellent spa and casino at Hotel Marienlyst

It’s not possible to forget to mention the excellent spa that guests can enjoy at Hotel Marienlyst. The hotel’s history started as a spa. The spa has an outdoor swimming pool and Jacuzzis that will excite your stay there. You might be worried that you will miss out on your yoga and fitness classes or training during your stay in the hotel. The facilities are available free of cost. Hotel Marienlyst caters for all your needs. It has a yoga and wellness section where you will typically continue your yoga training.

If you also love gambling games, this hotel is the place for you. Hotel Marienlyst has a Casino where there is free admission. You will have a great time gambling and making new friends. Those with families, particularly if you have a teenage son or daughter, will always want to be on the Internet to see what is trending. The hotel offers free WIFI access, which will be fun for your family.

Popular destinations you can visit  nearby Hotel Marienlyst

  • Helsingør Ferieby- 800 m.
  • Kronborg Castle-1.4 km.
  • Bergmandsdalsparken-2.2 km.
  • Town Museum-1.1 km.
  • Marienlyst slotspark-350 m.
  • Multiparken Helsingør-3.2 km.
  • Reberbaneparken-600 m.
  • Kongenshave-350 m.
  • Pilvångsplatsen-6 km.
  • Margaretaplatsen-5 km.

Beaches in the Neighbourhood

  • Viking Beach-5km.
  • Julebæk Beach-1.2 km.
  • Fria Bad Beach-5 km.
  • Snekkersten Beach-4.2 km.
  • Helsingør Gummistrand Beach-100 m.

Closest Airports

  • Copenhagen Airport-48 km.
  • Halmstad Airport-73 km.
  • Ängelholm-Helsingborg Airport-32 km.
Author: Fredrick