Traditional Bodega in Denmark

Denmark is famous for its traditional pubs designed with low ceilings. Such a pub in Denmark is what is called a bodega. It is musty, smoky, and with low lighting. Though bodegas are mostly filled by old people, they are still visited by young people. This type of bar is fitted with heavy-red curtains that prevent you from seeing the inside while you are outside. Others cover the windows of the pub with yellow glass.

Bodegas are anything but fancy. You cannot visit Denmark and not step into this wild type of bar. The experience of enjoying beer and more beer in this bar is what defines old-school Denmark drinking culture. If you want to hang out as a group or enjoy some alone time, this is the place to be.

Understanding a bodega in Denmark

While most bodegas are into selling beer, you will find some selling coffee, household items, lottery tickets, etc. They operate like a small convenience store. Without overemphasis, bodegas mean so much to the people of Denmark and visitors would really love them. The social life of the Danes is quite adventurous mostly because it is a beer-drinking country.

If you like the nightlife you are in for a real treat in Denmark. Bodegas are open 24/7 meaning you can party all night and have the time of your life. They are ubiquitous as such you can never miss one around you because they are spread all over Copenhagen and beyond.

Bodegas are rich in history being that they are traditional. They are a good place to sit and unwind too. The cost of beer in a bodega is pretty cheap no wonder people visiting them end up drinking themselves silly.  The atmosphere in this pub is quite exciting from drinking to gaming and lots of dancing. It’s a perfect place for grabbing a beer as you catch up with your friends and also make new friends.

Rosengårdens Bodega’s past

Located in central Copenhagen, Rosengårdens Bodega is one with a rather disturbing past. In 1944 a Nazi snitch was shot dead right at the bar. It is said one of the bullets that took the Nazis down is still lodged somewhere in the walls of the bar. Anyone visiting the bar is told of the history on the walls for it is what makes this bodega an interesting place to visit. Rosengårdens Bodega carries with it a unique history that is extremely fundamental in the history of Denmark.

This bar is more than 140 years old and what is even more surprising is some of the walls have not been interfered with for years. We are talking of since the 1930s. as you sit in this bar you will notice that the ceiling and walls are turned dark brown in color. This is because smoking was allowed in bar many years ago. However, that has now changed because smoking is no longer allowed. The place is too big now and the owners felt it fit to prohibit smoking.


Author: Fredrick