Check in and Spend quality time at Radisson Red Aarhus

Aarhus is not your ordinary city in Denmark. At least most immigrants who live in Jutland know that this city is where the region’s  Danish Immigration  Service offices are located. But that aside, the city has so many attractions including Den Gamle By which has a record for being its old town open-air museum. Here you find centuries-old timbered houses which in no mean way takes memories back to the then Viking days. While it would be a great thing to go around the city and its neighbourhoods to experience the wide array of attractions, such aren’t complete without a final check in at Radisson Red Aarhus. It is at this joint that you can find some of the best wines, eat juicy meals and catch up with equally adventurous people from across the world. 


In Aarhus, a visitor has to really open up to experience a newness and amazing surprises. The one thing that should reign high is the realisation that full experience in Denmark comes from a deliberate  embrace of adventurous spirit.

A brief History of Radisson Red Aarhus

Travellers in Denmark are sorted as the country has various unique places and ways of living. This ranges from the famous Tivoli Amusement park, the iconic landmark of the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen, to the beautiful Viking culture. While visiting the perplexing sites and cultures in the country, you may also want an exciting place where you can rest and take fantastic Danish dishes. I believe Radisson red Aarhus will serve all your needs in the country. You will have a sensational place to relax after a long day’s walk visiting impressive ring fortresses and burial sites. 

If you just arrived in Aarhus and are looking for a true taste of hospitality, laced with a tinge of lavishness and style, Radisson Red perfectly fits the bill. From its inception, the hotel hasn’t ever moved an inch away from offering customers an experience like no other and living to the true definition of keeping the customers happy all the time. 

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The hotel is one in an intercontinental chain with full-service hotels steered by Radisson Hotel Group. Radisson Red was established in 2015 by Carlson Rezidor. It first had the brand Quorvus Collection which was founded in 1987. Radisson Red was launched in Aarhus in 2018. You will have a good time in the Radisson Red Aarhus as it represents a category customised to the millennial. If you are a business or leisure traveller in the dynamic city of Aarhus, you have yourself sorted. Besides Aarhus, Radisson Red has twenty-three other working or under development hotels. 

Location of Radisson Red Aarhus

It is one thing to know about Radisson Red Aarhus and its executive offerings to customers yet its another thing to really find your way there. Anyone would like a hotel that they can access without having to scratch their hours on end or waking up early to beat traffic on their way out. So the location of Radisson Red Aarhus is reasonably a top priority for any person planning to spend some time there. 

The Radisson Red Aarhus is the best place to check in and relax if you are around Aarhus city, either for business or leisure. The hotel is located at the heart of Denmark’s vibrant cultural hub, Aarhus, the country’s second-largest city. While in the city, I believe you will find it entertaining visiting the many cultural centres. You will not have to take a car around the cultural centres. It is a 3-min walk to ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum, just 100 metres from the hotel. It has an address of Frederiksgade 88, 8000 Aarhus, Denmark. The hotel is near the city’s cultural attractions, including the Musikhuset and ARos, the central food market. 

Assortment of Hospitality Services and amenities at Radisson Red Aarhus

Aarhus’s high-spirited life is right on your doorstep. As a traveller or visitor to Aarhus city, you will have all the quality and fun services you have always desired. Radisson Red Aarhus will amaze art and technology lovers with its local artwork and tech-filled mass space. The hotel has an everything-goes rule with an excellent service application. You will also have fun bringing your device (BYOD) tech to the on-the-spot network.

Spacious and comfy rooms

That is not enough; you will enjoy mood music that will make you fall in love with the Radisson Red. The hotel has 78 spacious, ultra-modern, and colourful rooms. It also has suites across five floors with huge top-floor balconies where you can enjoy the beautiful view as you take your drink and listen to soft music. The services in Radisson Red Aarhus do not end there.

Comfy rooms available at Radisson Red Aarhus

You will be buzzing with fun and enjoyment at the lobby houses, bar, and lounge as they are decorated with modern designs and drinks. This is the perfect spot for those who like Nordic aesthetics with commercial design components. Radisson Red Aarhus’ design is an easy-peasy, fashionable place with a strong internal focus. 

Excellent catering services 

The hotel also provides a catering service from Fred & Co restaurant. It is an ideal place to hang out with your friends and colleagues as you indulge in a game or some mouth-watering delicacies. The restaurant merges casual dining with contemporary culinary art. You will get more than a restaurant service as it has an on-site eatery with a menu that provides dishes made with fresh recipes from the farm.

The restaurant also connects people making it an ideal spot to meet and make new friends. I cannot forget to mention the 24-hour fitness place and seminar rooms, as well as the hotel show work of art that makes the area a must-visit.

Chefs at work and ready to serve you at Radisson Red Aarhus

How to access the Radisson Red Aarhus

Radisson Red Aarhus’ address is Frederiksgade 88, Aarhus 8000. If you have your car, you do not have to worry as the hotel offers on-site parking. There is also a car rental 300 metres away. You can also have a taxi stop around the hotel, and the train and public bus are around 500 metres away. You can access the hotel from Aarhus Airport and Aarhus bus station. If you are a traveller using the airport shuttle, you can access Radisson Red Aarhus by taking the 925X Flybus from the airport. This will take you to Aarhus Banegårdsplads, which is the rail station. Usually, a ticket costs DKK 115. 

You can walk around 6 minutes to the hotel, taking Ryesgade Street. You will then turn left onto Sønder Allé before turning right into Frederiksgade. The hotel is located on the left-hand side. You will have around an hour’s trip. The travellers using a taxi from the airport will take approximately 45 minutes and cost DKK 650. If coming from the bus station to Radisson Red Aarhus on foot, it takes 7 minutes to reach the place. You will walk northwest on Rosenkrantzgade. You will access the hotel using Ryesgade Street and take a right turn. Using a taxi from the bus station will take 5 minutes and cost around DKK 100. 


Author: Fredrick