A Close Look into the Feggesund Kro

In a wide and remote area, lies an island separating mainland Denmark by the picturesque Limfjord. It will be so interesting to tour through this part of Denmark and witness the degree of remoteness in this place. Just a few hours from the capital Copenhagen , you are yet to arrive in the wild but wonderful northern tip of Jutland and enjoy a variety of things in place for you. From its wild beaches, iconic landmarks, to the city of Aalborg. To add into your undoubtedly great basked of important places to visit, check in at Feggesund Kro, capture and keep the memories. 

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Just within the northernmost tip of Mors, near Feggesund Badehavn, and north of Feggeklit, you will find Feggesund Kro Accommodation. For 400 years, Feggesund Kro has been on site owned by a single family since 1910. The inn is just a half a dozen steps from Limfjord, it gives you a view of Thy. However today, Preben Pedersen is now the owner of the inn, operating it together with Mette.

If by any chance you find it interesting to visit the northern most parts of Denmark, Feggesund Kro inn is the place to have a wonderful night’s rest. While here, you would enjoy the great charm and the view of Fjord from your living room. For your one night or more nights of being away from home, the Inn will be your home away from home. There is not enough shelter than what you will have at Feggesund Kro Inn.

Welcome to Feggesund Ferry Inn

The Feggesund “ferry” and Inn just lie side by side. The ferry will often transport visitors from Thy side to Feggesund Kro as the quay next to the ferry port allows yachtsmen to anchor at the Kro Inn. It is always a break to have dinner during their sailing trip. For the very reason and more,  Feggesund Kro  has a popularity for being a ferry inn. 

One very common speciality that you must be ready to taste while staying at Feggesund Kro, is a pan-fried eel. This will mostly go with a plate of white potatoes and parsley sauce. The goal is to get to eat all the eels within your reach and get an esteemed high-end service. Other than enjoying your pan-fried eel, you could also opt for a mug of coffee from Madame Bla accompanied by home-baked cookies.

Just eat at Feggesund Kro

It is always a soothing atmosphere from Feggesund Kro that yields a great level of satisfaction from its cosy inn rooms. From the four double rooms of the inn, you have a splendid view of Limfjord as you enjoy browsing and catching up with friends and family from the free access Wi-Fi.

Fried Eel Specialty at Feggesund Kro

The restaurant is your perfect option in a rich historical background with a specialty of the inn being fried eel. Absolutely nobody would not fall in love with this dish of pan-fried eels served with salad on the extreme end. The pan-fried eel platter at Feggesund Kro, is one of a kind and in the genre of Danish traditional cuisine, this dish cannot disappoint. At this Kro, the pan-fried eel dish is always fresh and perfectly cooked. 

Shoals of about 30,000 eels arrive at the Feggesund Kro each year corresponding to the 6 tons of eel being served in the Feggesund Kro yearly. The deliveries of these eels are from the local farm every day just to try and show you how popular this dish is. The restaurant has earned itself a name for its pan-fried eel and ala carte daily especially during Easter and towards autumn holidays. 

Enjoy a sumptuous meal of fried eel at Feggesund Kro

But each time you visit, there is no doubt that a plate of pan-fried eel will be waiting for you. Just come and have as much eels as you can. Basically, you can never get enough of the sweetness oozing from this specialty. As a matter of fact, most people visiting Feggesund Kro, often prefer its pan-fried eels to any other Danish traditional foods presented here.

There is nothing so calming as being presented with a plate of delicious pan-fried eels accompanied with salad by a kind person. Yes, it generates a great feeling of comfort especially when you already know that enjoying such a magnitude of a delicacy will not cost you fortunes. The food is generally good and ranges at normal prices all at a quiet and remote location.

Enjoy a Smooth and Lovely Drive to Feggesund Kro

For those that have been here before or just heard about Feggesund Kro, they come enthusiastic already for the fried eel. You already know exactly what you are coming for. The drive to this gem of a destination, is always a very smooth and lovely trip on a small ferry. If you also want to experience a smooth ride on a small ferry during your one-day holiday, then Feggesund Kro is just a call away.

Feggesund Kro doesn’t pass as your luxurious tour places fitted with fancy facilities. However, this premise has very basic but standard accommodation. It is just one simple Inn but clean and very famous for its delicious pan-fried eels to give you a homey experience. Take a stroll by the shore and pick some seashells to carry home or simply sit by the water sipping your beer as you watch the small ferry come up and down the small inlet.


Author: Fredrick