Cafe Gran; A good Place to just chill out in Copenhagen

One thing about Denmark in general and Copenhagen specifically is the busy city life which manifests as people race down the streets, scooters here, bicycles there, buses, trains, trams name it. While Copenhagen passes the test of being habitable, at the end of a busy day or just within the day, it becomes necessary to just drop into a restaurant. If you don’t feel hungry and need a heavy meal, probably a hot drink will do. Maybe you already know that drinking hot coffee or tea is a signature mark of life in Denmark.      

Copenhagen cuts itself out for its richness in culture reflected in various aspects of the city. It also has many attractions to offer for both locals and foreigners. While in the city, you will have access to many restaurants that serve delicious cuisines. One such place is Café Gran located in Grønnegade, Copenhagen. 

Café Gran at a Glance

The restaurant serves delicious continental food and Indian cuisine. The Danish dishes served here are tasty and will offer you the complete Danish experience. Furthermore, the menu is organized and easy to understand so guests have no trouble ordering food. Whether you are in the market for bacon, burgers or folar, you will find it here. 

Café Gran is worth visiting for many reasons since it provides a variety of dining experiences no matter who you are. Here, you can get the custom café comfort, social dining or outdoor dining experience at your call and beckon. Café Gran is the perfect place to visit to get over a long day at work thanks to their tasty smorrebrod and perfectly cooked halva

You can also wash it down with a glass of delicious wine or the legendary lemonade offered at the café. The restaurant also serves other drinks such as cappuccino and juice, so you have a wide selection. The menu is quite inspired and will leave you feeling at home in this vibrant city. 

Authentic café atmosphere

Other than the dishes, Café Gran also gives guests access to an authentic café atmosphere. Its convenient location in the vibrant Latin Quarter also enhances its modern attributes and makes it even more appealing. Guests have lauded it for its attention to details that ensures everyone receives customized services. 

Here, foreigners can get to taste and enjoy the classic Danish “hygge” that gives them a glimpse into the Danish traditional food. So, whether you are looking for the perfect spot for a delicious brunch, a three-course-dinner, a cup of home brewed coffee, or a night out with your friends, it has you covered. 

What enables Café Grand to Stand Out 

As you are probably aware, Copenhagen is a large city and as such, has many restaurants and modern eateries. So, for a restaurant like Café Gran to stand out, they must be able to offer outstanding services. This is what inspires the café’s simple philosophy. It focuses on enhancing customer experience. 

The staff try as much as possible to make you feel at home even if you are a foreigner or new to Denmark. For instance, they have put a lot of work into providing the perfect surroundings for their guests. The establishment resembles a modern cabin complete with a fireplace to echo the contemporary aspects of the café. 

It is also located in a good location that enhances the comfort of the guests and offers as much comfort as possible. Its setting is surrounded by cosy by-streets of a pedestrian street that makes it the perfect place for some family time. So, you are assured of having a good time whenever you visit the restaurant.  

Café Gran’s Popular Dishes

Café Gran puts a lot of thought into their dishes, which is why they have so many glowing reviews online. They prepare their meals from scratch using fresh and simple ingredients sourced from various places. The menu includes a range of well-prepared and delicious fish dishes and cold drinks at GranBar. 

Besides, the comprehensiveness of the menu offers guests many options and meets all their needs. It includes everything and anything from brunch to open sandwiches, classic café dishes and tempting dinner options. The dishes also make it a perfect place for a romantic meal with a partner. Or you can simply visit the café  to grab a juicy burger after shopping or touring the city.

Furthermore, the meals are prepared by skilled personnel and using quality products for every dish in the menu. The barista, wine sommelier, cicerone and bartenders ensure guaranteed quality coffee, carefully selected wine and craft beer. In addition, you can also order delicious soft drinks and cocktails as accompaniment to food or on its own. 

Something extra to know about Café Gran  

Since it’s a major attraction, it is always best to make a reservation online before visiting the restaurant. This will ensure that you and your friends or family have a place when you finally visit the café. The good news is that the restaurant opens until 11 p.m. Monday to Thursday and until midnight Friday and Saturday. 

Opening hours

The opening hours also mean that it is the perfect spot for a night out any day of the week. Since it is also classy, you can also bring your partner and enjoy an amazing selection of cocktails and quality beer. Besides, the café is really committed to music and it’s a major part of their history. 

Intimate concerts

The restaurant often hosts intimate concerts so you can check the event calendar on their website and decide the best day for a visit. This can be a great experience for those interested in music from different Danish artists. On Friday and Saturday the lounge usually has a DJ playing to keep guests in high spirits. 

Leather couches at the roof terrace

Another highlight of the restaurant is the covered roof terrace on the first floor of the café. It is cosy and comfortable thanks to the leather couches it is furnished with. It also has many plants that give it a green and more natural outlook. Besides, you will also have access to a sliding roof that makes it possible to sit in the sun on a warm summer night.



Author: Fredrick