All in one shopping at Store Kongensgade; Copenhagen

Denmark is known for so many things including great attractions, unique culture and an amazing social system. Over and above whatever it is that brings you to Denmark, it’s very unlikely that shopping won’t feature somewhere. Travelers always spare some coins for a last day shopping of clothing or souvenir that helps best preserve such visits. This is no different for those who come over to Denmark. 

On the coastal islands of Zealand and Amager sits Denmark’s vibrant and relaxed capital, Copenhagen. As a major cultural and business centre in Europe, the city is a popular destination for many. Here, you get to experience and live the Danish cultural lifestyle and enjoy the pomp and splendour that come with it.   

Besides, the city has many interesting attractions for both locals and foreigners. One of the popular attractions is Store Kongensgade. Here, you will get to see  the longest street in central Copenhagen and explore what it has to offer. Store Kongensgade stretches north east from Kongens Nytorv to Esplanaden. It also runs parallel to Bredgade, where it breaks left before continuing northwest to Grønningen.

Short but precise background of  Kongensgade 

Store Kongensgade translates to the Great King’s Street in English, which hints at its great length.  The street is part of the Ring 2 thoroughfare and has one-way traffic moving from Østerport station to Kongens Nytorv.  Similarly, vehicles moving in the opposite direction pass through another one-way street, Bredgade.  

The history of Store Kongensgade can be traced back to the mid-17th century in the then New Copenhagen. It connected the King’s New Square, Kongens Nytorv, to Frederikshavn Fortress (now Kastellet). Frederikshavn Fortress had just gone through an expansion at the time. 

However, it was not always known as Store Kongensgade. It was initially known as Ny(e) Kongensgade. Ny(e) Kongensgade means the “New King’s Street” in English. It was referred to as new because of the existing Kongensgade on Christianshavn. Today’s Wildersgade north and south of Torvegade, originally Store and Lille Kongensgade respectively, were based here. 

Fun Facts about Store Kongensgade 

The first interesting thing about Store Kongensgade is its location. There are several attractions close by that you can visit from Store Kongensgade. For instance, Marmorkirken, Copenhagen is just a two minutes’ walk from here. It is the most impressive church in Copenhagen. The marble church  also offers you amazing views over the city from the top. 

Similarly, it is also a two minutes’ walk from De Coninck House, Copenhagen. This is a historic property situated in the former garden of the Moltke Mansion in Dronningens Tværgade. Besides, you will only walk for two minutes to reach Fredericiagade, Copenhagen, which is another popular attraction. Finally, it is three minutes away from Store Kongensgade 79, Copenhagen (3 min walk).

Things to do at Store Kongensgade

Store Kongensgade has a lot to offer both locals and foreigners in Denmark. Whether you are looking for hand-crafted hats or Oriental carpets and rugs, you can find them here. It is the perfect place to visit on a day off for some shopping or just an overall tour. For instance, at the Kongens Nytorv Square you can pass by number 14, Store Kongensgade. 

Hand-crafted hats

There, you will find modiste Susanne Juul designs’ unique hand-crafted hats. These hats are a favorite for most young women who are into fashion. If you want to stand out in a crowd anywhere in the world, this hat will go a long way.  Similarly, you can visit  no. 40 where you will be pleased to find the latest fashion of designer Benedikte Utzon. 

Galleri Brethvad

If you have an interest in clay modeling, you will find Galleri Brethvad, 58, Store Kongensgade very exciting. It is where Pernille Brethvad, who is a clay artist, molds clay into beautiful and humorous sculptures. You can even get one of these sculptures for yourself or as a gift for someone who might love them. 

Other Attractions at Store Kongensgade

Other than the ones mentioned above, there are still other things that might pique your interest at Store Kongensgade. For instance, at number 83-85, you will come across Maktabi, Denmark’s premier rug merchant. He offers superior quality oriental carpets and rugs in antique as well as modern designs. 

Amazing antiques at Kongensgade

This is the ideal rug or carpet to equip your home with if you are looking to give it an antique, classical or contemporary look. You can also count on finding other decorative items along Store Kongensgade that will go with the rug or carpet. For instance, Fil de Fer, at number 83, offers an amazing selection of French antiques and bric-a-bracs. 

However, if this is not more your taste then you can swiftly carry on to number 73. There, you will find a wide variety of humorous designs that will add that smiley element to your home or office. You will have a number of items to choose from too so look around before selecting an item. Whether you are looking for a lamp, chair or just a random gift, this area has it. 

Kids stuff

The store has a variety of kid’s stuff that your children will love. You can finish off your Store Kongensgade tour by visiting any of the gourmet restaurants. They offer a variety of comfort gourmet dishes. They also have take-away services so you won’t have to sit there, you can carry your food to go. 

 A good example is the Rasmus Oubæk Restaurant, located at 52, Store Kongensgade. It offers delicious traditional French and Danish cuisines. Not only are they tasty and inviting, but also visually appealing! If not, then you can check across the street, at number 59. Umami restaurant is located here and offers a beautiful dining space. 


Author: Fredrick