Ringsted Outlet; the ultimate Solution for fashion lovers

Need a shop where you can get all the big brands at once? Then why not try Ringsted Outlet. The place was opened in 2008. The capital fund Capman and North Jutland real estate firm called Agat Ejendomme owns it. Is it not good that the place is owned by experienced people? These are the people who know the best value for money.

At the outlet, you wont get disappointed as your search for some of the top brands will come to an end in here. You can get top brands including Samsøe & Samsøe, Hugo Boss, Nike, Levi’s, Pomp De Lux, as well as others. Apart from having the top brands, it has many shops and they have low prices on the items they sell. The outlet is located at Klosterparks Allé 1, 4100 Ringsted. There are also free parking spaces for the customers.

Ringsted Outlet; the only big outlet outside Copenhagen

Ringsted Outlet is the only big outlet outside Denmark’s Capital city, Copenhagen. In case you want to shop where good discounts are provided then this is the place to be anytime any day. It usually offers between 30% to 70% discount. The outlet has very good deals especially if you want to save money yet the quality of the item remains the same. Apart from the good discounts, the sales representatives are usually approachable and friendly. Therefore, it is recommended for any person whether you stay in Ringsted or not.

Want to know the cities near the outlet? Ringsted Outlet is close to the highway connecting Arhus and Copenhagen. Apart from that, it has a bus stop close to it. So you do not have to worry even if you do not own a car. Besides, the quality of products in the store is very high and the prices are also cheap as compared to some of the online shops. Basically, you can’t miss something that you miss in the store.

Opening Hours

Need to visit Ringsted Outlet and you are worried about the opening hours? The shop is open from Monday to Sunday. Therefore, you do not have an excuse not to visit it. In case you are working during the weekdays, you may easily visit there during the weekends. It opens between 10.00 to 19.00. However, it is usually closed during the national holidays. Another good thing is that on special occasions, the outlet does open up to 2200 hrs.


When you visit this outlet, you do not have to worry about food after shopping. The place has about three restaurants. At Mcdonald’s, there are about 300 spaces for diners as well as a place where the kids can play. In case you want takeaway food, you can use McDrive. Apart from Mcdonald’s, there is a café The Burger. It serves different things including cakes, salads, sandwiches, and burgers. Lastly, the outlet has Brouer’s Foodtruck. It serves tasty and vegan dishes.

Is Ringsted Outlet Baby and Dogs Friendly?

The place has a nursing area for the kids meaning that it is kids-friendly. Also, it has two changing areas and a microwave. You also don’t have to worry about your dog as your dogs can be brought to Ringsted Outlet. Additionally, in every 3rd store, there are dog hooks and water faucets at the dogs’ height.

Is the Place Disability Friendly

Ringsted Outlet is friendly even for the disabled. therefore, do not be worried when coming. For instance, there are toilets that are accessible to disabled individuals. In addition, the place is made easily accessible with wide ramps. Lastly, ether is several disabled parking spaces so you can come with your car and park it there.

Are there Different Outlets

Ringsted Outlet is a great place to shop. The main reason is because it has different brands and shops. Therefore, you have many choices. Also, on the issue of prices, it is lower as compared to the normal shops. Thus, the place is highly recommended for shopping especially when you on  a budget and you need something of high quality. The place basically is full of attractive brands and you can purchase women’s fashion, sportswear, men’s fashion, footwear, accessories, underwear, beauty, kid’s fashion, and underwear.



Author: Fredrick