An Exotic check in at and experience of Marriott Hotel, Copenhagen

For a destination to count well in the list of amazing places to be, hospitality plays a great part. After a stroll and making rounds within the busy streets of Copenhagen, visits to various malls and shopping points, it becomes important that one retreats to a hotel room where best tastes of wine and professionally cooked food get served with soothing country music in the background. Should this be your situation and need at one point, just drop in at Marriott Hotel, get your experience and amplify it to those struggling to make a similar choice. 

What  will really excite many about Copenhagen is the fact that at one time it served as the capital of three different countries. This was back in the early 15th century long before any of us was born. Anyway, it served as the capital of Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Fast forward to today and it still remains a unique city. It is famous for its cycling culture, canals, strong economy and of course happy inhabitants. 

Marriott Hotel, an icon of Copenhagen’s Hospitality 

One of its top attractions is the Marriot Copenhagen hotel. The hotel is located merely five minutes away from Copenhagen Central Station. Being an international five star establishment and all, the hotel is beyond expectation. 

Not only does it have some of the biggest rooms in this enchanting city, but also has a waterfront setting. Yes! You got that right! A waterfront setting in Denmark’s largest city. So, I guess the question is whether you will get value for your money in this establishment. 

Well, I’m not sure what you call double rooms from 1,899 Danish Kroner (£225) for a city view or 2,249 Danish Kroner (£266) for a harbour view. And if you don’t include breakfast you part with 230 Danish Kroner (£27). It’s for you to decide.  Here are other fun facts about Marriott Copenhagen. 

Marriott Copenhagen’s location

Thanks to the Kalvebod Bølge, the location of this hotel is that much more appealing. The wooden walkway that wavers along the enchanting waterfront makes it a cool spot to chill, romantic even. The formerly dull part of Copenhagen is now a lively joint for natives and tourists alike. 

The best time to visit this location is during the summer. Then you will get to experience the true joy and enticement Marriott Copenhagen has to offer. The quayside and across the harbour at Islands Brygge is usually awash with sunbathers, swimmers and kayakers. 

I’m sure you have heard about Denmark’s legendary reputation for being one of the happiest countries in the world. This location will most definitely give you a glimpse of this. And as if that’s not enough, it is located only ten minutes away from Central Station and Tivoli. Besides, it would only take you twenty minutes to walk to the Meatpacking District.

Marriott Copenhagen hotel’s Contemporary Technique and Disposition 

You gotta love the way Marriot Copenhagen hotel delivers when it comes to style and character. While most hotels prefer a quirky boutique-like appearance, this one has a more smart and international outlook. 

This makes it an interesting place for young and old people alike. Especially if you are into spaces that transform style into character. Personally, I love spaces that have character and still maintain a business outlook. 

Visit any public area in Marriot and you will agree with me that they are ultra-modern. It’s like the establishment is focused on keeping up with contemporary trends. As soon as you walk into the reception, the cool backlit desks will give you a sense of belonging. 

The double-height lobby lounge/bar area on the other hand announces to you that you have entered a modern space. It feels like an exquisite space to relax your mind after a long day in the somewhat busy Copenhagen streets. 

If you have an appreciation for natural light then you will love the huge windows on the lobby that give you a direct view of the harbour. And just like that, it brings the outside to the inside. 

It will probably get you thinking about the terrace if you are a fan of watching people go about their business. You can bring along your cocktail since Marriott also has many outdoor seating complete with potted greenery! 

Marriott Copenhagen hotel Service and Facilities

As they say, when in Rome you should do as the Romans do. Well, Denmark is a happy country so you should have an opportunity to be happy while here. Marriott Copenhagen sees to this through their exquisite service. 

You will be greeted by the seemingly too charming staff and feel a warm sensation as soon as you enter the premises. There is nothing worse than dining or staying in a hotel with unhappy staff. Not only will you not feel at home but bored as hell. 

I was particularly taken by the availability of ice machines by the lifts. It’s a clever strategy because you can’t miss them. You will also love the ATM at the reception because it makes it easy to pay for various services. Not to mention the lobby shop that is well stocked; very convenient no? Other facilities in the hotel include a restaurant, laundry, room service, sauna, WIFI and a steam room. 

Also, did you know that you can rent bikes at 150 Danish Kroner (£18) per day at this establishment? If you are not a fan of riding, then you can still park here for 270 Danish Kroner (£32) per day. Marriott Copenhagen hotel also has standard five-star hotel facilities like a fitness centre, shuttle service to the cruise terminal, and an executive lounge for guests on the executive floors.

Large Classic Rooms at the Marriott Copenhagen hotel

Like I mentioned earlier, one fun fact about this establishment is the room size. I mean, who doesn’t want a huge room with large windows to go? If you are in the construction industry then you understand the value of a large window that lets as much natural light as possible.  

Furthermore, you can have a perfect view of the city or harbour from the windows depending on where your room is located. You can also catch a glimpse of the waterfront action as entertainment during summer. 

Get a panoramic view of the arbour from your room at Marriott Hotel

For a hotel that is so big on staying contemporary, I love how the classic nature of the rooms remain intact. What with the traditional furnishings complete with shades of brown, beige and cream. If you still prefer the contemporary, then go for the newly created top-floor rooms. These have bright and white bathrooms with a Danish yet contemporary outlook. 

Marriott Copenhagen Hotel is one of the Family-Friendly Establishments in Denmark

Many of us can attest to the hassle of finding a family-friendly joint in a large city. Marriott Copenhagen has seen to it that every room can sleep up to four (two adults, two children). Besides, it has several interconnecting rooms. You will only part with 150 Danish Kroner (£18) to get an extra bed. You also get a free cot and menus that include children’s options.


Author: Fredrick