Common ways that people abroad can use to move to Denmark

Each day, people in Denmark receive questions from friends, relatives and other interested people on what exactly to do to get the coveted Schengen visa. In the minds of most of these people there is always a thinking that getting a residence permit or visa for Denmark can’t be anything less than a daunting challenge. In fact, even some of those who have at one time enthusiastically tried applying to move over to Denmark dropped the whole idea like hot potato when the process seemed painful and tiresome.

To start off, we cannot lie that making a successful application for a visa and residence permit in Denmark is a walk in the park. No, it requires a lot of planning, collection of documents and following each requirement closely. Just check each detail and attach the requested document to avoid a rejection. 

No magic required to successfully apply for a relocation or visit to Denmark

A successful application to move to Denmark needs not appear like magic of sorts. This remains a thing that  must be said a million times to those ready to hear and ambitious to move to Denmark. Those who did it right in their first application and had convincing reasons to move to Denmark got their visa without a hassle at all. But the starting point is to know that immigration to Denmark requires expats to properly do their research on opportunities open to them.

Look here, Denmark has a reputation out there for being a happy country where the government gives the best social protection. From its Jutland Peninsula and numerous islands, public satisfaction and confidence with the government remains a signature mark. However, in recent years, the country tried as much as possible to push back on immigration. So as expected for a country that prides itself for being a happy destination, many people have dreams and desires to come to Denmark. 

But we can all agree that moving to Denmark isn’t just that easy. You may have all the money and ability to buy a plane ticket but that is just the easy part. You have to take the long yet necessary route of identifying why exactly you are traveling, which immigration option best fits your situation, the requirements and case processing time. It may seem inconvenient and painfully long but assuredly, a correct choice of immigrant program, filling in the correct forms and attaching all the required documents in time makes you so many steps ahead to getting a visa. 

Application for a Visa to Denmark

Like so many countries, visa applications are done online. It is safe at this point to point out that having a valid passport should ideally be the starting point. As a norm, the passport remains with the immigration officials at your point of biometrics submission. When you pass every consideration and qualify for a visa, the immigration officials  affix it on your valid passport. 

Like any wise and experienced traveller will tell you, it is not negotiable to first gather the necessary documents that will help finalize your application. You will basically need to have within your immediate reach; a valid passport, 2 recently taken coloured passport -sized photo, proof of paid visa fee, proof of civil status and finally proof of financial ability for the period of visit. Most of these documents need to be available both in hard and soft copies and in the correct standards provided. 

Visa fee amount is in the range of Euro 80 for adults but for the children between the age of 6-12years the amount is Euro 40 these amounts are verified as at 29th June 2022.

Getting a Residence permit or permanent residence in Denmark

It can be difficult to get a permanent residency in Denmark if you are from outside Europe. For those with EU/EEA citizenship, the requirements for permanent residence may be a bit relaxed. This isn’t the same case for those coming from outside the EU. 

You may stay in Denmark for a long time as an expatriate from outside the EU but provided you don’t strictly meet the set conditions for issuance of a permanent residence, your case will just  be a merry wait. For full details about requirements for permanent residence in Denmark, please check out

In any given year, only a few immigrants qualify for and actually retain their permanent residence status. Those who are negligent and careless with their hard earned permanent residence even end up losing it. It takes careful adherence to set out rules to really get and retain a permanent residence in Denmark. 

Specific avenues for non-Europeans citizens to move to Denmark 

Other routes for non-Europeans citizens into Denmark include the following; full time study at higher education level several courses are offered in Denmark mostly taught in English and others in Danish, internship permit, religious work permit, au pairs permit and asylum programs for the persons seeking protections.

The existence of several online dating sites has also made it possible for Danes to find their matches abroad. They can then apply for family reunification for their partners abroad. Although so many requirements may come with this, it’s another common avenue that people, mostly ladies, use to come to Denmark. 

Must-have things when traveling to Denmark

If traveling to Denmark there are advanced security status these include travel insurance, medical insurance that caters for the the wellbeing of every individual in Denmark . Before traveling connect with the fellow experts in Denmark by joining their groups to familiarize yourself with the custom.


Author: Fredrick