Waterparks in Denmark for water lovers

If there is one thing that Denmark is popular for then it’s its waterfronts. Somehow, Denmark had a way of constructing cities facing waterfronts; be it rivers, inland reservoirs or the seas, the country has so many great places of this nature. But aside from these naturally existing waterfronts, there are also waterparks which offer visitors great enjoyment and relaxation. 

Generally, the country has a lot to offer when it comes to attractions. You can never be disappointed while visiting, vacationing or living in the country. You will always have something entertaining to do. A fun fact about the country is that you could never be more than 40 kilometres from a coastline. This could explain why most Danes love water so much. As such, there are many water parks in the country that offer as much fun as you can in water. Finding a park that best suits your needs will not be a problem here. Many people have visited the country especially Copenhagen for its water parks. 

Popular Water Parks in Denmark that you can always visit

While in Denmark, you will have access to a variety of water parks. Therefore, finding one that is convenient and suits your needs and budget shouldn’t be a problem. But there is always a disclaimer to this, especially for first timers in Denmark who can’t put up outdoors in cold weather. When it’s not Summer, most waterparks may remain closed or operate under strictly regulated conditions to keep users safe. Nobody wants to see a visitor experience numbing in the cold waters.  Here are a few popular ones at the moment. 

Fårup Sommerland

Farup Sommerland is an amazing water park located near the beaches Blokhus and Løkken in a deep forest. The park is suitable for people of different ages so you can visit with your entire family. Here, you will find many super fun activities to participate in and brighten your day. 

It has an amusement park and aqua park with over 60 rides that offer an array of endless fun.  It also has a barbeque area known as Weber that offers free services. Thus, your family can refresh with a delectable grilled dinner after a long day of fun. It opens from 10 Am to 6 PM
and charges an entry fee of 2500 INR. 


This water park is located in Lalandia and offers free entry for the entire family. It is huge and has a breathtaking tropical background. It also offers access to water that is 28 degrees and air of 30 degrees.  It also has many water slides that will make the whole day enjoyable for the entire family. 

Furthermore, the park has a spa and sauna that provides the perfect place to relax. Its Billund, though fairly new, is known worldwide. It has a giant funnel that is high in the sky! Aquadome Billund is equipped with more than 31 water slides. The entry fees for those who aren’t staying at Lalandia is INR 2500 for Adults, INR 1800 for children


It is located in Copenhagen, the vibrant capital city of Denmark. Here, you will have access to various cable wakeboarding and waterskiing facilities in Hvide Sande. It allows up to 10 participants to take the cable track simultaneously. However, it only allows participants who are more than 8 years old. 

The trainers speak Danish, German, and English, hence it is a good place for foreigners and locals alike. It also has an assorted workshop and a floating café that offers an amazing view overlooking the track. It is well known for their French fries and free Wi-Fi. It opens from 12 AM to 5 PM and charges from 3100 INR

Blåvand Badeland 

Blåvand Badeland is located in the largest recreational area in Denmark, and offers more than 40 kilometers of white sandy beach. It is also located in the middle of one of the largest recreational areas in Europe. It offers various attractions and fun activities for you and your entire family to enjoy. However, the 70-meter long slide, the black hole with light and sound, spa and sauna are the favorites for many. It opens from 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM. 

Nordsø Badeland

Nordsø Badeland is located in Tingodden 3, 6960 Hvide Sande, Denmark It’s located inside the compound of a larger campsite and is open to the public and offers a huge 1000 sq. m area for fun. It offers several attractions that can occupy most of your day. For instance, you can let your kids have fun in the water world while you have fun in the water slides. It also has a steam bath, sauna, and whirlpool.

KCL Water and Fitness Park

KCL Water and Fitness Park is among the most popular water parks in the country, located at Skyttevej 12-14 7800 Skive. It is enormous and has features such as a 50 long meter swimming pool, a 57-meter long water slide, and a big activity wave pool. Besides, it also gives you access to a therapy pool with fairly warm water and a fitness center. It opens from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM. 

Hasmark Badeland

Hasmark Badeland is located at Hasmark Strand, Strandvejen 205, 5450 Otterup, Denmark. It has indoor and outdoor style swimming pools designed in the Viking way with both warm water, pleasant water, and slides. 

Jesperhus Feriepark

It is located at Legindvej 30, 7900 Nykøbing Mors, Denmark and opens from 10 AM to 6 PM. Here, you will be charged 3500 INR for adults, INR 3000 for children as entry fees. It gives you access to tropical climate, artificially heated swimming pools for children, a spa pool, some crazy waterslides and a huge pool of 25 meters. It also has a 10-meter long submarine toy with added effects for coolness. 


Author: Fredrick