Up-close and Candid about Benniksgaard Hotel

Well-travelled people will confess that  particular things at a destination always stick in memory for a long time. If it is not culture, natural attractions and beautiful sceneries then its the services received. To sign off such talks, an avid  traveller will have a thing or two to say about the hospitality. Now, this nature of conversation will also hold true to those who have had a chance of visiting Denmark and putting up in its exotic hotels. 

After a long day of travelling around, visiting great summer destinations and interacting with the sometimes bubbly Danes (especially when tipsy), it’s time to retreat to your comfort place. In most cases, those who visit Denmark on a short stay visa have to identify comfortable hotels that guarantee value for money. It is at this point that Benniksgaard comes to the picture. 

Tickling Facts about Likely experiences Visiting Denmark

Denmark for sure comes out as one of the well endowed countries in Scandinavia. Someone may like to argue about the place of Denmark as a travel destination but truth be said, conferences and high level meetings happen in the country each day. Moreover, people take vacations in Denmark, study, research and more. Visitors will likely pick out great details about Denmark’s robust social welfare system, benefits the unemployed, disable, old-age and the survivorship benefits. 

Other than social welfare benefits in Denmark, the country boasts of very beautiful scenery. To say the least, nature in Denmark is made to just blend so well and meticulously with the infrastructure. In Denmark, building and construction respect nature and so, sights of structures developed to accommodate nature in an organic manner are common. You will notice this great harmony between buildings and nature by signing up for just a single night at Benniksgaard Hotel. Chances are that the first experience at the hotel may just make you a regular client whenever within the area. 

Getting a  Close-up and candid discussion about Benniksgaard Hotel

Along the historical setting on the northern site of Flensborg Fjord (Flensburger Förde), you get to meet one of the best hotels in Denmark. In the middle of the hilly southern Jutland countryside, you get to have a view of Flensburg Fjord from the cosy Benniksgaard Hotel just about 5km from Grasten. The hotel is surrounded by the idyllic countryside in a relaxed atmosphere. Housed in an old granary with a large terrace.

Where do I find Benniksgaard Hotel?

The 4-star hotel is beautifully situated in the midst of nature of Southern Jutland in Sejrsvej 101, Rinkenaes in Grasten.  The hotel is only 3 and a half kilometres from the city centre. It belongs to the Small Danish Hotels hotel chain. Benniksgaard Hotel gives you a satisfying, fantastic and a perfect view over Flensburg Fjord. 

You are looking for a venue for your honeymoon come romance after your wedding or renewal of your marriage vows, Benniksgaard Hotel is all here at your service. Here you also get to experience a relaxing spa service, enjoy your peace, quiet golf and other sports, the grounds are well laid awaiting your arrival. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are a local or an international, your most fun vacation glazed with love and care awaits you at Benniksgaard Hotel. Be it gourmet, luxury, your love for countryside atmosphere, nature and wildlife, Benniksgaard Hotel has all these to offer you. Your holiday or vacation can’t be perfectly complete if not at Benniksgaard Hotel.

What is Available for you at Benniksgaard Hotel?

The location of Benniksgaard Hotel in a historical setting on the north side of Flensborg Fjord alone gives enough satisfaction. The farm dates from way back in 1792 in the present version though in the historical records it was here as early as 1293.

For the golf lovers, Benniksgaard Hotel presents you with its own 18 holes golf course direct down to Flensborg Fjord complete with a golfcafe. Thereafter, you have one of the most splendid views over the Flensborg Fjord as you look at the golfers from their tee 1 start. 

Get your best sauna birth and sweat it all out as one of your healthcare sessions at Benniksgaard Hotel. There are also solariums and 2 meeting rooms that can take up to a capacity of 100 people. The braendstoft guesthouse also forms part of the hotel with accommodation for utmost 50 people. In the guesthouse, you can also have a room for parties or even meetings that can contain up to 40 persons.

What you Get to Enjoy at Benniksgaard Hotel

The rooms have free Wi-Fi connection, flat screen TVs with a garden or sea view. As if this is not enough, Benniksgaard Hotel rooms have  beams and the old-fashioned windows. Together, these create a charming atmosphere. Whichever room you pick, it will have a TV cable, telephone, refrigerator, desk, hairdryer, and free toiletries.

One thing I like about Benniksgaard Hotel is that you get the chance to choose between various types of rooms. If you want to have an apartment, a suite, single, double or family rooms, the hotel has all. To just make it aptly, your wish remains the attendants’ demand. You can book a room for non-smokers if you are extremely allergic to smoking. Genius discounts also await you at Benniksgaard Hotel which gives you an opportunity to save some money.

While at the hotel’s restaurant, you also get to enjoy one of the popular dinner buffets of a kind. The finger licking dishes are made from scratch with local ingredients. Those that come with their cars get a secured and spacious parking lot. Keep your body in good shape at the hotel’s fitness centre. Fitness enthusiasts will enjoy working out using modern fitness tools. Besides, a tour around the city will help you get well acquainted with the other attractions. 

Attractions Nearby 

Hotel Benniksgaard is only 5 minutes’ drive away from the royal family’s summer residence, the Grasten Castle. There is a German border which is just about 10 minutes’ drive away from the castle with free on-site parking available. Most couples are often pleased with the location of Benniksgaard Hotel with 8.8-star ratings.

While at the hotel, you could also visit these other closest landmarks;

  • FH Flensburg
  • The Flens-Arena
  • Train station Flensburg
  • Industriemuseum Kupfermuhle
  • University of Flensburg
  • Pedestrian Area Flensburg
  • Maritime Museum Flensburg


Author: Fredrick